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Last changed 10 December 2020 12:16 PM MST

Howdy! My name is Breeze (she/her) and I am very excited to be judging whatever it is you are competing in.

A little about me I attend Hamilton College in Clinton, NY where I am a double major in World Politics and Religion Studies.

I did speech and debate for four years in High School. I did almost every event under the sun (PF, LD, Congress, OO, Info, DUO, PO, Impromptu). I like to think I was pretty good. I've got two national tournaments under my belt and a top 24 in congressional debate at the 2020 nat tourney.

If you are looking at this I'm gonna assume you are here because you are a debater so let's get to the good stuff.

All Debaters: Please, on-time road maps (With the exception of CX). I will be timing you, any speaking past a 10 second grace period will not be considered in the debate. This should be obvious and a standard at this point but hate speech and disrespectful debate are never tolerable. Got a chain? Add me

LD: Clash is super important obviously, but that includes value, value criterion, and contention clash. Don't get too caught up on one versus the other. I will be flowing so make sure you do your best to cover the entire flow in every speech. Evidence is good but philosophic debate is it's equal I just ask that every new argument you make is supported by one or the other, otherwise, it gets challenging to weigh it accurately in the debate.

PF: Clash is important, duh. I want to see evidence supporting every argument made in the debate and validity of evidence is a welcome point of contention in the event it is necessary.

CX: Not a big fan of spreading but if you speak clearly I will probably follow. Stock issues are important.

Congress: Wow I didn't think congress kids looked at paradigms, I'm impressed if you are here. I like to see good concise speeches with structure and evidence. If you are speaking later in the debate on a bill don't waste everyone's time arguing the same thing that's been argued before.

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Wind River District Tournament HS 2021-03-15 LD R5 AJ Kephas Olsson AL Taryn McJunkin Aff Neg 2-1
Wind River District Tournament HS 2021-03-15 CX R3 AT Johnson & Sumida AR Yeshlur & Pritchard Neg Neg 3-0
Holiday Classic HS 2020-12-18 NPF R4 CN Clements & Cyr BP Hopkins & Dole Pro
University of Wyoming High School Tournament HS 2020-12-10 LD-O R2 Laramie SG Clovis JP Aff