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Paradigm Statement
Last changed 11 December 2021 2:56 AM MST

Hey y'all! My name is Wolfgang Wuerker. Pronouns he/him/his.

As some brief background I competed in trad. LD, Congress, and CX at various times, though I also have some level of experience with most events. If you have time read the general at least, that's the important one.

General Paradigm

- I will not will tolerate any hatred. This means any sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc. If you choose to be hateful, you will be given 0 speaker points, the loss or last place, and probably be reported to whoever is running the tournament. Do keep in mind that there is a difference between discussing hate and being hateful.

- I am happy to answer any questions you have before, during, or after. Do not hesitate to ask. I won't put my email here, but I am happy to give it in round.

- I believe tabula rosa is important when it comes to any judging. Everything stated is in exception here, but just because I believe your argument is wrong personally does not mean you will be judged with that in mind.

- Don't forget that on a ballot I need to rank every place and give a win and a loss. Placing second rather than first doesn't mean that the gap wasn't close and I didn't like your speech/ piece. It just means that I can't give ties sadly.

- Have fun and good luck!

Speech Paradigm

My philosophy on speech events is pretty simple: I'll rank the speeches holistically and to the best of my ability. The only thing that's an absolute no-no for me is being rude to anyone including competitors, myself, people in round or out of round. Otherwise just have fun.

Congress is in the debates section.

Interp Paradigm

I think IE is pretty straightforward when it comes to paradigms. I will rank you based off of your collective piece. I don't have a ton of experience when it comes to these so consider me as a fairly lay judge. That being said, I do also think it should be an interpretation so the more personality in the piece the better.

Debate Paradigms Traditional LD (and PF where applicable)

- Starting at the top: I enjoy a good value clash. LD is a debate within a moral framework so showing me why theirs is bad and yours is good is the way to win. When it comes to values and criterion go in depth. I haven't read everything but I know my basics and a framework based in decades or centuries of philosophical thought has a much better chance of winning than Merriam-Webster.

- When it comes to contentions: Signposting is a must. I will be flowing and if I don't know where you are at in the 2R I will probably throw it in some corner and forget it.

- I also prefer good evidence. Not having sources will not do you any favors. Though, don't forget that just indicting a source isn't where you stop. Tell me why a source being good or bad matters.

- When it comes to final speeches. Tell me what makes it so that you have won the round. Don't use the 2AR for rebutting points if it won't do you any good.

Progressive LD/ CX

- Keep in mind I have experience with both but not extensive. So act accordingly.

- On speed, I can understand it but do not sacrifice clarity for speed. If I can barely understand you I will not understand your arguments either. Also, if it is online email chains are a must.

- Signposting is a must. I'm a flow judge and without signposting I will probably put your arguments in the wrong spot.

- My CX philosophy is fairly straightforward. I'm open to most things Ks, Theory, etc. but keep in mind that I wasn't too deep into CX and might need a walking through if its a complex argument.

- I think that analytics and CX are the best ways to judge how you are as a speaker so don't let these be the areas you don't give any thought to.


- I know my parli pro decently, so if you have questions I'm happy to answer but I probably won't step in unless prompted.

- I will rank the PO in the top 5 somewhere unless they give me a reason to do otherwise so don't be afraid to chair. Also I will give a PO 1st if they earn it.

- I will not rank you down because you are new. Speak up, its the best way to learn.

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
University of Wyoming High School Tournament HS 2021-12-10 PF-N Finals Powell PJ Bishop Kelly BC Pro Pro 2-1