Sam Korff Paradigm

Last changed 3 March 2021 3:02 PM EDT

This is a paradigm that some of my friends made that has some funny memes, and covers some basic stuff. But for what I want in every speech and the round in general, please look at my debate partner Henry's paradigm. If there is conflicting information about what to do in speeches, default to Henry's. Please look over it, and be sure to ask me any questions about it before round.

Also, don't be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. (Any behavior or comments of this nature will make you automatically lose the round and get the lowest speaker points possible)

Any references to Harry Potter, Star Wars, or if you do anything that is funny will earn you speaker points. (But only worry about this after the important debate stuff in the paradigm. This is just so you have a little bit of fun.)

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
NYCUDL City Championships MS 2021-03-13 MSNCNS R3 PS/MS 15 Marquez & Gomez Mott Hall II Bandele Con
NYCUDL City Championships MS 2021-03-13 MSNCNS R2 Mott Hall II Kemp & Robequain I.S.75 Albanese & Gough Pro
NYCUDL City Championships MS 2021-03-13 MSNCNS R1 Mott Hall II Strong & Brauner IN-Tech Academy, MS/HS 368x Canete & DiCarlos Pro
Horace Mann Invitational HS 2021-01-24 Round Horace Mann FR Horace Mann JP Aff