Victor Gill Paradigm

Last changed 2/8 5:30P PDT

Regardless of what debate event I am judging, my paradigm is the same: I'm looking for a good back and forth debate where both sides engage with their opponent's case. That's about it. I'm not a Lay judge but I am a laid back judge, as long as there's substance behind any claims you make I will accept it. If you want to be snarky in round that's fine, but keep it to the cases and evidence. If you become rude to your opponents, your ballot will reflect that.

For those who ask about Theory and Speed:

1) Argue it well. I'm more a traditional judge but I do enjoy seeing theory if it's run and explained well. If you want to unload a barrage of buzzwords at me, make sure you explicitly state why/how they relate to the round

2) I can handle speed, but I can't handle sloppy speed. If you want to go fast that's fine as long as it's intelligible. If you don't enunciate well enough or start to go too fast, I will offer one warning total. If you continue, I will be unable to flow your case and therefore unable to judge it.

For those who really want to butter me up, here are some of my (debate) pet peeves:

1) Not looking up at the judge at all while reading your case and/or burying your head in your laptop while reading your case.

2) NOTICING THE SLOW DOWN WARNING BUT NOT HEEDING IT! It's my pet peeve, but it's your ballot.

3) Spending the majority of Cross-Ex looking at your opponent. Yes, it's natural to look at the person you are talking to, but you are still trying to convince me of your case, not your opponent.

4) Asking a very specific question about paradigms after I've stated the general paradigm. I like to consider myself laid back, and I want to see your own personal style, but a barrage of questions about "do you flow x" or "do you allow y" irks me. If you argue it well and respectfully, I will accept/flow/allow whatever.

5) Not holding a semi-professional stature in round. Even if you're bored out of your mind or tired, at least pretend you want to be there. Cases read when body language and vocal tone indicate apathy drive me up the ------- wall.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Redmond Mustang Classic 2/7/2020 LD-O R5 Interl Raj Agarwal Overla Griffin Hehmeyer Neg
Redmond Mustang Classic 2/7/2020 LD-O R4 Interl Anushq Bamorya Newpor Sam Gan Aff
Redmond Mustang Classic 2/7/2020 LD-O R4 EasPre Margaret Li Interl Daniel Bomberger Aff
Redmond Mustang Classic 2/7/2020 LD-O R3 Interl Oliver Yun Samamm Lydia Wang Neg
Redmond Mustang Classic 2/7/2020 LD-O R3 Eastla Ashirya Singh Interl Anita Gao Neg
Redmond Mustang Classic 2/7/2020 LD-O R2 Interl Keerthana Kompella Newpor Linh Tran Neg
Redmond Mustang Classic 2/7/2020 LD-O R2 Woodin Sarah Hickey Interl Tanush Yadav Neg
Redmond Mustang Classic 2/7/2020 LD-O R1 Interl Allen Wu Eastla Arjun Menon Neg