Kiwon Kang Paradigm

Last changed 19 December 2020 6:50 AM PST

**If you spin around 5 times, jump up and down 20 times and yell like a goat, you get 29 and above.**

1. I do debate

2. If I can't understand you, I don't know just leave and re-join, if I still l can't hear you still then I don't know your probably gonna get low speaks.

3. I will flow, talk at whatever speed you want, as long as you don't speak faster than Thomas Huang, your good.

4. Weigh, if you don't weigh I don't know how to judge you, at that point, I won't weigh your impacts. Then I will judge depending on who has the most amount of offense. Also in your impact give me a number because, without a quantification, I can't weigh an argument.

5. The defense won't really help you win. It might wash the argument but it won't be weighed.

6. Make sure to warrant your argument, I will buy whatever argument you give me as long as it's warranted. Also if you drop your case, you better have offense because if you drop the case without offense you lose.

7. Extend rebuttals and different reconstructions and arguments. by that don't just say, extend this, please extend the warrant and the impact.

8. Time your own speeches, I will also time but I hope you time yourselves because I forget. Also if you go over your speech time by like 15 seconds your good, but anything over that, I will reduce speaks.

Do well, if you make a naruto reference you get plus one speaks or if you include a sad life quote I will give you extra speaks.

Naruto•Memes~ (@nardo_memes) | Twitter

If you like Soccer, you lose PERIOD.

If you dis-like pho, you lose and I will give you low speaks. (I will ask this question at the beginning of the round)

Look at David Paik's paradigm for reference.

I shall be chill and I hope you have fun. (Don't be mean, because I don't like mean debaters)

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
BCFL December Debate Tournament HS 2020-12-26 RSPF R4 Leo Shin & Joshua Choi Gabrielle Zhu & Burton Zhang Neg
BCFL December Debate Tournament HS 2020-12-26 RSPF R3 Hannah Park & Grace Gaeun Kyung Jacqueline Ma & Jonathan Zu Neg Neg 2-0
BCFL December Debate Tournament HS 2020-12-26 RSPF R2 Jiwon Kim & Jenny Yeonjae Lee Noah Taehyun Kim & Royce Jin Neg Neg 2-0
BCFL December Debate Tournament HS 2020-12-26 RSPF R1 Seo & Kim Amy Hyeonjin Kim & Justin Yu Neg