Xinyi Gong Paradigm

Last changed 14 September 2020 7:15 AM CDT

Dad judge of 2 for the Plano East Senior High School.

I enjoy watching Extemp -- try and make your speeches similar to these being very clear and articulate throughout. The best speakers I have seen are persuasive, confident, and well-researched. You may speak at a conversational speed and please don't go too fast.


- Have a value and definitions

- Justice > morality

- I don't like theories and critics very much

- I side with the neg more so try your best to negate, but if you can't then good luck

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Yale University Invitational HS 2020-10-01 VLD R2 St Joseph's Prep AS Pembroke Pines Charter BG Aff
Yale University Invitational HS 2020-10-01 VLD R1 Woodlands LW Lake Nona MH Neg