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Last changed 20 October 2021 3:55 AM CST

Debater for Blue Valley North High School

Currently a third-year debater

email chain-


I'm fine with any speed, just be clear, if I have to clear you three times I will stop flowing your speech.

Aff teams- I'm fine with any affs, just speak clearly during the 1ac. Know your aff, as a novice every debate will be heavy on case, I will not extend your aff for you. If you don't answer an off case position, you will probably lose the debate, make sure you answer everything read by the neg.

Neg teams- I cannot stress enough, know your arguments. Read a DA in the 1nc, if you read a K, you better know it, I drop your speaks if you read a K and don't even know what it's saying. Case page- please for the love of god read neg case cards. Every point of the aff should be contested, you have 8 minutes of the 1nc to do it, you have a 13 minutes block to do it.


1. If you read something like death good or don't understand what you're going for, I will not vote for you

2. If you say something racist, sexist, transphobic, or homophobic, I will not vote for you and contact your coach.

3. Don't be rude, debate is a game, an educational activity for everyone to learn and have fun, don't ruin it.

To quote Owen Crouch- "If I get to tell you who won right after the round, I invite you to ask questions on my decisions, Respectfuly dissagree and tell me i'm a fool, and/or schedule an appointment to catch these hands."

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Blue Valley West Invitational HS 2021-10-08 N R4 Mill Valley rhodes & Hill SMNW DeLeon & Vessey22 Aff
Blue Valley West Invitational HS 2021-10-08 N R3 Lawrence Free State Stephenson & Sadik Olathe South DuFriend & Linde Aff
BVSW Novice HS 2020-10-24 Novice R4 Washburn Rural BT Blue Valley Southwest RG Neg
BVSW Novice HS 2020-10-24 Novice R3 Blue Valley FH Blue Valley West EA Neg
BVSW Novice HS 2020-10-24 Novice R2 Blue Valley LJ Blue Valley West ME Aff
BVSW Novice HS 2020-10-24 Novice R1 Washburn Rural BF Blue Valley Southwest SP Aff