Jeri Willard Paradigm

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I am the debate coach at Truman. I have previously coached high school debate in Missouri and Kansas. I was a policy debater in high school. I have taught at debate and speech camps and I frequently judge policy debate, LD, PF, and speech.

EMAIL CHAIN: jeriwillard@gmail

Things I like for you to do: send an email effectively and efficiently, speak clearly, and respond to arguments.

The aff should be topical. The aff needs an offensive justification for their vision of the topic. I find the arguments for why the aff should be topical to be better than the arguments against it. (Read: I rarely vote on T. Running T? Go all in.) If you are reading an aff that is not topical, you are much more likely to win my ballot on arguments about why your model of debate is good than you are on random impact turns to T.

Evidence matters. I read evidence and it factors into my decision.

Clarity matters. If you have dramatic tone changes between tag and card, where you can barely be heard when reading the text of evidence, you will get lower points from me and you should stop doing that. If I can't understand the argument, it doesn't count. There is no difference between being incoherent and clipping.

The link matters. I typically care a great deal about the link. When in competition, you should spend more time answering the link than reading impact defense.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
ONW Forensics Invitational NIETOC 3/6/2020 LD R1 27 Andrew Flory 33 Hever Arjon Aff
KCKCC DCI TOC Policy Qualifier 11/1/2019 Nov PArtia Wichita East Kate Halabi & Esther Liu Manhattan Rilee Price & Abrar Nasser Aff Aff on a 3-0
KCKCC DCI TOC Policy Qualifier 11/1/2019 Nov R6 Wichita East David Ballos & Nathan Balderas Derby Clarissa Chisham & Shardae Sanders Aff
KCKCC DCI TOC Policy Qualifier 11/1/2019 Nov R4 Washburn Rural Abby Boyd & Dayton Wettengel Olathe East Easton Logback & Owen Crouch Aff
KCKCC DCI TOC Policy Qualifier 11/1/2019 Nov R3 Washburn Rural Gabe Bradbury & Olivia Medrano Shawnee Mission South Jeremiah Rimpson & Grace Peterman Aff
KCKCC DCI TOC Policy Qualifier 11/1/2019 Nov R2 Lansing Nikki Svedarsky & Wyatt Brown Barstow Aishi Sethi & Anita Mohan Aff
KCKCC DCI TOC Policy Qualifier 11/1/2019 Nov R1 Blue Valley Southwest Brett Cranor & Vinny Sandhu Barstow Geordie Waldman & Param Vora Aff
Reagan Great Communicator Online Qualifier 5/18/2019 GCD Fin Aron Ravin Asher Gladstone Aff Aff on a 2-1
National Speech and Debate Tournament 6/17/2018 WS Final East Texas White China Gold Aff Aff on a 8-3