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Paradigm Statement
Last changed 7 January 2022 7:24 AM MDT

TL:DR: Flow Judge, Speed is cool, I like specific links on Disadvantages and Kritiks. On Aff, I favor innovative cases. K affs are welcome as well. Just make sure that you communicate your points effectively.

What I look for overall: Effective logical analysis and communication is the framework for which all forensic competition is judged. Make your taglines clear and concise, and make clear logical connections between points. The If-this-then-this chain needs to be crystal clear on the flow, and signpost the arguments you're addressing during rebuttals.

Speed: All good, just makes sure I can understand your taglines. Please speed through your cards though.

Affirmative: I don't have many preferences insofar as the aff case is concerned. Kritikal Affirmatives are welcome as long as you understand the aff and can communicate it effectively.

In the absence of another framework, I will default to a stock-issues, policymaker framework; weighing the value of the aff according to its practical application, feasibility and effectiveness. However, if you propose an alternative framework, I will judge accordingly.

Negative: On-case arguments and Off-case positions with specific links are most favorable. Make your advocacy clear. I am weighing the aff against the negative alternative: The SQ, The K alt or the CP, so clearly state your advocacy and prove to me that the neg world looks substantially more favorable than the aff world.

The Negative Strategy: Target the solvency and/or harms with specific case arguments. Run 2 or 3 good disadvantages and stand behind your advocacy. A good Counterplan or Kritik will have equal swaying power with me to the SQ.

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
2022 Blacksnake NIETOC HS 2022-01-07 OCX R3 H HB R JT Neg
2022 Blacksnake NIETOC HS 2022-01-07 OCX R2 AE AB H WM Aff
2022 Blacksnake NIETOC HS 2022-01-07 NCX R1 H NJ AE BB Aff