Gary Roberts

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Last changed 8 October 2021 11:21 AM MDT

I am a former public official (Fire Chief and Fire Marshall) who has debated and written policy, administrative code, and law in front of city, county, in court, and with state legislators. I enjoy a good discussion and always love proving my case.

Event Paradigms:

Public Forum: Some debaters have the tendency to try to cram all the rounds' arguments into the 2-minutes summary and final focus speeches. Just narrow down the big points and talk at length about each of them. Don't speak over each other during crossfire and be courteous.

For all debates, you can talk fast but please don't spread. You can talk as fast as possible, and I'll be able to gage what you're saying, but please don't get to the point where full words aren't being said.

Lastly, make sure to respect each other. We're here to learn and grow as debaters, so please don't ruin that experience for one another.

You the best of the best when it comes to student athletes.

All in all, have fun! Excited to judge you all!

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