Alonso Pena Paradigm

Last changed Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 8:34 PM UTC

I debated for four years at Kansas State University, and three years in highschool at Garden City High School. I try to be as neutral as possible, and I will make my decision predicated on the things that happen in the round. That being said I embody a lived experience, and that experience follows me in every decision in life, so I will not pretend that I can seperate myself from that. I will, however, try to evaluate the debate as fairly as I can.

I think that debate is a place where students have the capacity to use argumentative creativity, and so I am willing to listen to a wide variety of argumentative styles. I will repeat what has been said many many times before - do not try to change the way you debate to move closer to what you think I would like. Yes, I have a particular debate style, but that does not mean that I will privilege this style of debate. Do you to the best degree possible, and I will be happy.

Below are some of the particularities of my judging philosophy


Disadvantages are very important and underutilized in debate. I love a good specific disad debate. Generic disads are fine, but I expect specific links. You should explain why the disadvantage turns and outweighs the case, and you should compare impacts somehow. This means explain to me why your scenario that leads to world war 3 is more important than their scenario that leads to extinction via global warming. I need to know how I should evaluate these arguments. I'm also not going to lie - I am not the most caught up on domestic politics so you should be explaining the specifics of your politics disad if that is important. Do not expect me to do that work for you, because that would assume that I read your scenarios. Chances are, I have not.


I love seeing specific advantage counterplans deployed strategically. I am fine with agent counterplans, but I would prefer them to be competitive. If your mechanism is techy and deep in the literature then I expect some explaination. I am not a fan of process counterplans, but I will vote for them if they are deployed well. Word PICS are cool, but you should have some basic theoretical defense to why PICing out of discourse is legit.


I enjoy them. Please stay grounded and do not travel too far into the level of theory without explaination of praxis. What I mean by this is you might have an awesome idea, but I need you to explain it to me in a way that I can apply to my life. Do not assume I have read your literature base. Dense theoretical concepts should be unpackaged. Explain how the alt solves the links/impacts.


I need a concrete interpretation, violation, and impact in the 2NR if you want to win this position. I am totally fine voting for topicality, but I expect the 2NR to explain a consistent story. I find permutation on framework interesting, and if you can explain it well then I will feel comfortable voting on this argument. I know there are some judges in Kansas who are saying that they will not vote for untopical affirmatives. I find this display a gross interjection that ruins the creative freedom debate is supposed to provide to students. I will respond to this by refusing to take the opposite position. I will try my hardest to evaluate framework fairly, and students should not be afraid to read this argument in front of me. That being said, I do still have expectations for you to win this argument, and I have no ideological issues voting for untopical aff if they win the debate with things like contextualized impact turns or a counter-pedagogy.


I can most likely keep up with your speed. I'll shout clear three times, and afterward I will flow what I can and feel no kind of guilt about missing arguments that I cannot catch.

My Flow

I would like basic roadmaps. Please tell me where you are going. If this is not how you debate, that's coor too.


I'm cool with open cross-x, but I would prefer if the non-speaking partner does not answer all of the questions. It will hurt speaker points. Open cross-x is great, but it often turns into the second speaker continually silencing and belittling the first speaker. Let's please make sure this doesn't happen.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Event Rd Aff Neg Decision
Maize High School 11/30/2018 VP RD 1 Washburn Rural GR Kapaun Mount Carmel LJ AFF
Maize High School 11/30/2018 VP RD 2 Andover LA Washburn Rural MS NEG
Maize High School 11/30/2018 VP RD 4 Jenks ZK Washburn Rural BP NEG
Maize High School 11/30/2018 VP RD 5 Manhattan ZM Hutchinson WW AFF
BHS Crusader Classic DCI 10/21/2016 Open R1 21 DG 26 BT AFF
BHS Crusader Classic DCI 10/21/2016 DCI R5 19 AH 21 YK AFF