Catherine Yang Paradigm

Last changed 15 July 2021 5:28 PM CDT

I'm a sophomore and have been a public forum debater since last year. My pronouns are she/her/hers.

Add me to the email chain: my email is

If you have any questions about the round, my decision, or debate in general, please don't hesitate to ask or email me after the round :)

Things I want to see:

- Warranted arguments

- Interaction w/ the opponents' arguments: I'll likely mention dropped args/etc in my feedback but it won't impact my decision unless the other team points it out and tells me why the dropped arg matters

- If you want me to consider an arg/response/impact in my ballot, extend it throughout all your speeches

- Off-time roadmaps and signposting (!!) are appreciated

- In summary and final focus: tell me why you won the round w/ weighing, voters, line-by-line, etc

Things I don't want to see:

- Be rude: I will dock speaks.

- Spread: if I miss an arg, that's on you

- Bring up new args in the last half of the round: I won't vote off it bc your opponents don't have adequate time to respond

- Lie: about anything. Your evidence needs to say what you claim it says; I want to intervene as little as possible, so tell me to read and/or why I should drop badly cut evidence

- Discriminate: at all. Your speaks will nosedive and I may drop you.

Speaker points

- 30: v good

- 29-28: pretty good

- 27-28: average

- 25-27: not bad

- Below 25: congrats, you messed up

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Iowa Novice Night 4 HS 2021-02-09 NPF r1 Ames GK Theodore Roosevelt TL Neg
Iowa Novice Night 3 HS 2021-01-05 NPF r1 GMG Secondary CK Ames AS Neg
Iowa Novice Night 1 HS 2020-11-10 NPF r2 Oskaloosa SA GMG Secondary HB Aff