Gene Chang Paradigm

Last changed 24 July 2021 6:06 AM CDT

Hi, I'm Gene! I did LD debate for two years in middle school and I don't do debate anymore, so excuse me if I'm a little rusty.

- Please speak clearly and try not to spread as fast.

I absolutely hate it when people run through their whole case at Mach 3 speed and without any clarity. I am fine if you talk a little faster than normal, but if I cannot understand what you said, I won't write it down. Unless you are trying to break a world record or are an auctioneer, I cannot think of a real-world example where you need to talk super fast. Plus, the chances are that you might not be clear so don't risk it.

- I'm fine with progressive stuff, but please explain them very well.

From doing debate for a little while, I understand some of the progressive stuff (like K's, CP's, Disads, etc.) but I'm definitely not the best with them so make sure to explain it well to me so I get your point. (The same thing goes with Phil)

- Actually debate the topic, please.

Exactly what it says. I'm ok with a little off-topic stuff that has some relevance to the debate (ex. evidence validity) but please stay on topic.

- Be civil, especially during CX.

No scream-offs, please. It's fine to destroy your opponent's arguments, but not cool to make fun of them, etc.

Some things that I like:

- Creativity

I love seeing a person who has a very creative turn or has a very unique argument. I like arguments that I react like "Woah, I had no idea you could link that to [topic]!"

- Facts over Feelings

Pathos is cool and all but won't help you win the round. I would rather have a good argument than a minute-long speel on how animals are being abused every day.

- Being able to elaborate and explain your argument very well.

If you can't explain it to a 5th grader, don't use it. Simple as that.

- (LD) Actually using your FW

I absolutely hate it when people just drop FW in their 1st AR or NR. If you don't want to use FW, don't do LD, go do PF or something without FW.

- (PF) Having both people do work

Bothers me when only one person carries, unless you're a maverick, make sure both people are doing equal stuff.

- Clarity

I know I said it at the top but I'm gonna say it again. Please speak clearly and loudly at all times. It would be better if you go slower, but if you must go fast MAKE IT CLEAR. I'm also a terrible flower so even if you go fast and clear I might not catch up to you.

Some other things:

- I usually don't pay much attention during CX so I don't care if you destroyed your opponent in CX unless you bring it up in another speech.

- Be honest. If you went over on prep, tell me. That being said, tell me if your opponent went over on prep or lied about something and I will do something about it.

- I prefer no disclosure as it makes the debate more fun than robotic, pre-written arguments. You aren't always gonna be prepared for everything IRL.

- If you make me laugh, or reference something I really like (How To Train Your Dragon, Classical/Film Music, or Valorant preferable) I will add some speaks depending on how good it was (max .5). But I will tank speaks if you are just goofing around the whole round trying to make me laugh or make a reference that has nothing to do with your current argument.

- Have fun. Debate is about learning and researching topics and being able to argue them, not trying to scam $100 of prep off an 11-year-old on Reddit (seen that before).

My email is if you have any questions. I like to just listen instead of reading, but you can still send me your cases and add me to email chains if you want.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
The 2nd Annual Quarantine Classic HS 2021-07-22 LD Finals Kyra Terez Independent Entry KT Harrison AC Neg Neg 2-1
The 2nd Annual Quarantine Classic HS 2021-07-22 LD Semis Speak in power KD Harrison AC Neg Neg 3-0