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Hello, I'd prefer to remain anonymous but I would like to contribute. If that's a disqualifying issue then it's no problem but I figured the tournament might need some help.


I think debate is a game but if there are structural problems with the game they can be pointed out and discussed. I am best at evaluating policy debates but I can evaluate more kritikal debates as well. I've read a lot of different K literature and am pretty well versed in it save for Bataille. Basically, if you want to run a specific strat, go for it. I'm a pretty flexible judge ideologically and will attempt to evaluate what is put in front of me and nothing more. However, like every judge, it's impossible for me to be tabula rasa and I have predispositions I should inform you of. I don't hold to these however. I want to see debaters that adjust to the debate more than they do the judge. This is a competitive activity first, not a solely performative activity a la forensics. You should win because you're a good debater, not because you gave me a better intellectual handjob than your opponent.

K Affs

See above. My philosophy on these isn't actually that complicated. My beef with K affs is that they either defend nothing, their offense isn't tied to debating, or both. I'd prefer if you defend spillover but if there's a disadvantage to policy debates on this topic that you think outweighs topicality, go for it. Generally though I lean toward T being good but I have no problem evaluating these debates. I'm inherently turned off by performative hostility for reasons I don't feel comfortable disclosing here.


I like well-developed, clear link stories that clash with the affirmative and turn the case. You won't have to explain your theory of power to me so much as you have to explain how it applies to the affirmative specifically. I'm not a huge fan of critical debaters who attempt to garner non-unique links to the affirmative but I'm not gonna throw them out either. If that's your strat, go for it. Another thing is that if you can find a way the action of the plan triggers your impact you will be immensely far ahead. That's my favorite part about kritik debates if the debaters set it up correctly. It will also mean the aff will be much harder pressed to win impacts outweigh once you have a case turn and a big impact the aff directly contributes to. I understand that's not a lot of kritikal debates, so if you plan on going for the K you don't need to do this and I've no problem with evaluating a "plainer" (for lack of a better term atm) K debate.

Please don't read Fem IR in front of me. That's all I ask.

Side note: I generally get lost in super long overviews during the 2NC. Make it easy for me to follow along - help me help you. Do your explanations on the LBL. Also, if I don't know what your alt does and you haven't kicked it, you're probably going to lose.


I think T-LPR and T-Tasoff are both really stupid, but since they are meta I will treat them as well as any other judge. Although I enjoy T debates, I think almost all of them on this topic are just excuses not to engage in the affirmative. I think Tasoff limits out too many affs while allowing really stupid ones. I'm persuaded by both reasonability and competing interpretations so the debating will have to be done there. Don't assume I default to either one. I'll decide based on the work the aff and neg do during the debate which one is more important.


Conditionality is necessary for the negative to test the affirmative - I'm hard pressed to find a 2AC that was hurt by a bunch of conditional advocacies. This doesn't mean I hate theory debates - I don't - but the affirmative needs to do a good job explaining why they were hurt in this debate by conditionality. I'm more prone to agree with extremes because there is an aspect to which reading a bunch of CPs and Ks and then spending 8 minutes on one in the 2NC basically starts the debate after the 2AC.

Please, please have solvency advocates for your planks. I don't care if you the individual debater thinks UNCLOS will solve international law. Find a piece of evidence that says that. This is a competitive research activity. You the individual debater does not have the education or experience to just make shit up out of thin air. There's a reason you can't even vote yet. I lean heavily toward affs that go for solvency advocate theory as reason to reject the team and I will almost always default to rejecting the argument at worst. This topic I've noticed tons of adv CPs pop up without advocates and it's really frustrating to watch the negative do warrant analysis on cards while the aff goes "generic solvency deficit" and the negative spins it however they want because there's no stable basis to hold them to. I'll end my rant on that here.

PICs, int'l fiat, 50 state fiat, process CPs are all up my alley and theoretically fair in my opinion.

If no one says anything, I'm gonna judge kick the CP and evaluate the DA if the negative loses the CP but wins the DA. The disadvantage is still a reason the aff is bad, and if it outweighs the affirmative then as a policymaker there's no reason I should do the aff if it's worse than the status quo. Just because someone introduced a counterplan to solve it and it turns out it actually doesn't solve it doesn't make the DA suddenly untrue.


Don't be afraid to sit teams down on a DA/Case 2NR. These are easier wins than most 2Ns think. Have the balls to go for these and put the onus on your raw skills. That said, there are 3 critical components you need to do, especially on immigration, to make it as easy as possible to win my ballot. First and most important is impact calc. MAKE TIME TO DO IT. Do comparative analysis about why the consequences of the DA are worse than the status quo and outweigh the affirmative's positive changes to the status quo. This strat is the biggest brain and is highly persuasive. Second, don't forget to turn the case even if the other guys have solid impact defense, a case turn functions similarly to a counterplan in my risk calc in that if you win the case turn, even a low risk of the DA's impact means the disad outweighs. Third, go to case. Make the 2AR's life hard. If the 2AR has to spend time explaining the affirmative, that's less time telling me about how stupid the disadvantage is. I'm also 100% comfortable with voting negative on presumption. Do not be afraid to go for that in front of me.

My threshold for understanding how a DA functions is pretty low. There's an astonishing amount of judges who get easily confused by internal link chains. This isn't high theory, so the storytelling burden shouldn't be that high when accessing your impact. Your case turn storytelling, however, matters. Internal links don't confuse me and case turns don't either. This doesn't mean you get to be lazy about your analysis.

I'm predisposed to extinction first and consequentialism.


Highly technical argumentation is good. Judges often feel too much social pressure to reward 2As for making good analytic arguments in the 2AC. The "normal means is that the house doesn't meet again until after midterms" should have nerfed every midterms 2NR ever. Not even super techy, but a solid example I think. Don't be afraid to be smart while also reading your block of cards.

None of the advantage CPs solve your aff - make solvency deficits and please always perm the cp even if you know it's dumb.

See solvency advocate rant above. Applies just as much here. Don't be scared of T interp debates.

Do impact calc. Your aff almost always solves the DA. If it's a soft left aff I'm already questioning your strategic capabilities with you reading one in the first place but obviously go for framing.

Random stuff

Prep stealing: obviously I can't see you, but practice not doing it. Honestly though, little prep stealing here and there is really not a big deal because everyone does it and if you say you don't you're a liar.

Don't clip cards. Big duh. I will drop you if I notice it.

Pronouns - call me whatever. You'll never see me IRL so don't worry about misgendering or anything. Whether it's "she" or "big dumb jackass" I've probably earned whatever you're calling me so dw about it. Let me know what you want me to call you though so we can get that record set quick. I'd rather not hurt anyone. Help me help you.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Debating the Discord Part 1 12/28/2018 CX R5 Epic Gamers DP Obtaining Grain CG Aff
Debating the Discord Part 1 12/28/2018 CX R4 Obtaining Grain CG Champs independent JM Aff
Debating the Discord Part 1 12/28/2018 CX R3 Champs independent JM Aff
Debating the Discord Part 1 12/28/2018 CX R1 Big Brains BG Champs independent JM Aff