Courtni Dickerson Paradigm

Last changed 12/19 9:58A MST

My name is Courtni Dickerson and I am a veteran debater with a Bachelor's of Science in Electrical Engineering.

I competed all three years of my high school career and I devoted my life, heart, and soul into debate. My main events were PF, DUO, and Impromptu; although I dabbled in the IEs quite a bit. I qualified for Nationals 2 of the 3 years, was one of the captains of my team for 2 of the 3 years, and ultimately graduated with Superior Distinction in the National Forensics League (now known as NSDA).

In terms of how I judge, I am very old-school and one of the few people left who truly believe speaking skills are more important than argumentation skills. Here's my advice for you if I judge you:

a. BE COURTEOUS!!! Perhaps my biggest pet peeve are those debaters who believe if they're the loudest and the most dominant, then they must win. If I am judging you, and you're doing rude things such as rolling your eyes at other competitors or being aggressive and not letting your opponent finish a thought or question, I will immediately mark you down, despite how good your argument may be.

b. The round doesn't start when you enter the room, nor when I call your name. The round truthfully begins when you enter the school. I pay attention to how you behave while other's are competing as well as outside of the room. You NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression, so make a good first impression before I see you in my round. I will respect you and I'll be excited to listen to you.

c. Speak loudly and clearly.

d. Don't sway back and forth. Plant your feet firmly, approximately shoulder-width apart. Do not shift your weight from side to side. Women, especially, have a tendency to try to stand with their feet together or in a very formal way, don't do this. *Take control of the stage* I'll say this often, but basically be loud, be assertive (not aggressive) and occupy the full space.

e. If you care about what you're saying, I will care. If you don't, I won't. Simple.

f. Make me listen to you -- not by being the loudest, but by intriguing me and maintaining my attention. The best speakers have the ability to take a loud room and silence everyone just by the words he/she says. It's a powerful tool, so use it well and you will win.

Ultimately, as a veteran, I know all of the tips and tricks to play so I know exactly what to watch out for. Don't try to pull one over on me, because I will call you on it. My biggest piece of advice, however, is YOU DO YOU! The thing I loved most about debate is everyone has their own speaking style, in much the same way as Picasso had his painting style, or Beethoven had his musical style. If you've found something that works, then do it. Have fun with Speech and Debate!

Good luck and I hope to see you out there!

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
3A State 2019 3/8/2019 PF Quarte 215 209 Neg Aff on a 2-1
3A State 2019 3/8/2019 PF R4 208 201 Aff
3A State 2019 3/8/2019 PF R3 209 207 Aff
3A State 2019 3/8/2019 CX R3 103 104 Aff
3A State 2019 3/8/2019 CX R2 106 109 Neg
Region 14 Tournament 2/23/2019 LD R2 610 607 Aff
Region 14 Tournament 2/23/2019 PF R1 504 508 Neg
Marie Clegg Jones Memorial 1/25/2019 PFD Octofi AISInt Bagozzi & West Davis Downs & Gee Neg Neg on a 2-1
CUSDC Templar Trials 1/12/2019 LD R3 906 917 Neg
CUSDC Templar Trials 1/12/2019 LD R3 907 901 Aff
Red Rock Classic 12/14/2018 Parli R3 AA Wainer & Martinez AG Johnson & Ingram Neg
CUSDC Carbon Combat 12/8/2018 LD R5 907 902 Aff Aff on a 3-0
CUSDC Carbon Combat 12/8/2018 LD R4 901 917 Neg
CUSDC Carbon Combat 12/8/2018 SpAr R4 1001 1021 Neg
CUSDC Carbon Combat 12/8/2018 SpAr R4 1007 1019 Aff
CUSDC Carbon Combat 12/8/2018 SpAr R4 1002 1015 Neg