A. Beretay Paradigm

Last changed Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 1:52 AM UTC

   I was a successful national circuit debater for Bergenfield High School(NJ) who qualed and competed in elimination rounds at the TOC and Nationals. I have nearly two decades of experience as a debate coach and fortunate to have coached students  to various levels of success in LD.

I consider myself to be a pretty open minded judge, as I won't strike you down for running any particular position. A couple of  things to consider:

1) I'm ok with speed but not at all impressed by it, especially when it's at the expense of clarity. Please make sure that you slow down at the tags, authors' names, and dense/complicated philosophy cards. 

2) I don't vote for blips or anything I don't understand which means it's your responsibility to do the better explaining.


3) when in doubt, know that what I consider most important to my vote is a) a logical impact story b) weighing impacts.


I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have before the round.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Event Rd Aff Neg Decision
Newark Invitational 1/4/2018 VLD 1 Hunter SK Bronx HS Of Science CW AFF Hunter SK
Newark Invitational 1/4/2018 VLD Octafinals Stuyvesant KL Hunter SK AFF Stuyvesant KL
Stuyvesant KL on a 3-0
Newark Invitational 1/4/2018 VLD Quarterfinals Stuyvesant KL Quarry Lane SK NEG Quarry Lane SK
Stuyvesant KL on a 2-1
Newark Invitational 1/4/2018 VLD Finals Stuyvesant PY University RH NEG University RH
University RH on a 5-0
Newark Invitational 1/5/2017 VLD 3 Acton Boxborough AH Success Academy LL NEG Success Academy LL
Newark Invitational 1/5/2017 VLD 4 Dulles AW Edgemont ML AFF Dulles AW
Newark Invitational 1/5/2017 VLD 5 Edgemont NS Byram Hills MZ AFF Edgemont NS
Newark Invitational 1/5/2017 VLD 6 Scarsdale AW Lexington NK NEG Lexington NK
Newark Invitational 1/5/2017 VLD Partials Harvard-Westlake JN Lexington NG NEG Lexington NG
Lexington NG on a 3-0
Greenhill Fall Classic 9/18/2016 LD 2 Colleyville Heritage CW Royse City JR AFF Colleyville Heritage CW
Greenhill Fall Classic 9/18/2016 LD 2 West Des Moines Valley HS Kent Denver DT AFF West Des Moines Valley HS
Greenhill Fall Classic 9/18/2016 LD 4 Katy Taylor CR Quarry Lane PN NEG Quarry Lane PN
Greenhill Fall Classic 9/18/2016 LD 5 West GG Newark Science OA NEG Newark Science OA
2016 Newark Invitational 1/7/2016 LD RR 2 Delbarton VK Harrison EA AFF Delbarton VK
2016 Newark Invitational 1/7/2016 LD RR 3 Newark Science AK Harrison KK AFF Newark Science AK
2016 Newark Invitational 1/7/2016 LD RR 5 Holy Cross TL J. Graham Brown BD NEG J. Graham Brown BD
2016 Newark Invitational 1/7/2016 VPF Quarters Regis GR Ridge GM PRO Regis GR
Ridge GM on a 2-1
Newark Invitational 1/8/2015 VLD 3 Lexington CM Montville RU AFF Lexington CM
Newark Invitational 1/8/2015 VLD 5 Hunter College NP Harrison KK NEG Harrison KK
Newark Invitational 1/4/2014 VLD 2 Bronx Science OK Regis PM AFF Bronx Science OK
Newark Invitational 1/4/2014 VLD 3 Montville KX Bronx Science AF NEG Bronx Science AF