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Last changed 30 October 2021 8:54 AM CDT

I am a current policy debater at Cedar Rapids Washington. They/Them pronouns. I've always been a 2N/1A

Put me on the email chain:

General Notes:

If you are racist/sexist/homophobic/ect. I will call you out and vote you down. You are not better or above anyone else in the room. We're all here because we like debating, don't make the experience miserable for someone.

Time your own prep. Time your opponent's prep. Time your speeches. Have your partner time your speech too just in case. I am timing as well.

If there is a real reason that's out of your control that makes it so your spreading may be slower/less clear (that's not tech related) either email me or say something before round and I'll remember that when assigning speaks.

Online debate is rough. I have debated online so I understand the struggle. If theres tech issues thats not prep time. That being said, please dont fake tech issues as a way to steal prep. Its not nice and is pretty obvious that you are lying. It will hurt your speaker points.

CX is binding. That being said, make sure if there's something big in cx please mention it in a speech so it is on the actual flow. I am fine with open/tag team cx but try to answer/ask the questions if it is your cx.


I will vote on it. Any aff can lose to T, but the 2NR needs to have some impact that is warranted out.

I want to see clash here.

Affs should spec the agent at the very least when asked in cx.

Case list or TVAs are a must when the aff asks.


I will vote on it but you need to do the work.

Don't just read your blocks have actual clash.

Tell me why what the other team is doing is bad, and what the impact to that is.

I default to durable fiat being real and good, but if you tell me its not and the other teams drops it ill take what you said.


I like DAs.

Impact Calc is needed to win.

Make sure you’re winning the framing flow or both sides agree on framing.

Uniqueness and Link pushes by the aff can be really good.


The CP solving the aff is key.

CPs need a net benefit, don't assume we all know what the net benefit is, take the 3 seconds to say it.

2-3 condo is typically fine but I can be convinced that 1 condo is bad--see theory notes above.


I’m the most familiar with Ks like cap, security, biopower, etc.

I don't have knowledge on any identity k lit base. I'm not your ideal judge, but if you can explain it in a way that makes sense (and win the flow) I'll vote on it.

Clash on framework is really good and usually is needed to win it.

Role of the Ballots of framework can be crucial.

I don't really have a preference on K v. Policy debate. I have more experience with policy though.

PoMo is a no go.


Case turns are a totally legit 2NR and can be a great tool to attack affs.

Clash on framing debates makes debate way more fun and tends to be underestimated in rounds.

I read mostly soft-left affs, but also have gone for extinction impacts. Do what you are best at.

I’m not anti k-aff on face but I won’t pretend like that’s my arena. I've never read a k-aff and I think having a plan text is key to ground.

When the aff has multiple advantages, everyone needs to be super explicit about what arguments are on which flows and keep them there throughout the debate.

Don’t be nervous, be nice, have fun, and debate with integrity.

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Bettendorf Bulldog Invitational HS 2020-11-13 NCX R6 Iowa City West KL Iowa City Liberty BI Aff Aff 3-0
Bettendorf Bulldog Invitational HS 2020-11-13 NCX R5 Iowa City West BP Iowa City Liberty BI Neg
Bettendorf Bulldog Invitational HS 2020-11-13 NCX R1 Dowling Catholic BC Iowa City West KL Neg