Cornelius Keck Paradigm

Last changed 11/9 3:04P CDT

General CX/LD/PFD Preferences:

Professionalism and civility are required and weigh heavily in


As far as speed is concerned, flowing it OK, but speakers must

not overrun the comprehension rate of their audience. Slow

delivery is preferred to the sip from the firehose.

I most want to see in a debate round a few, well developed,

substantive arguments, pros and cons. Keep criticism to a

reasonable minimum, provide reasons.

Empirical examples are as important, if not more important, than

reading "unique", esoteric cards.

I'm a beginner (n00b) judge, so please adapt accordingly. Also,

English as a second language.


Structure and content are essential. There should be a clear

intro with statement of position on resolution and preview of

main points. Main points should be supported by the type of

evidence you would expect a member of Congress to rely upon for

a speech before the House/Senate. Responses to fellow members

and a discussion of how the legislation would impact one's

"constituents" are part of the "debate" aspect of this event.

Walking transitions between points and when answering questions

is expected.

Parliamentary Procedure and Presiding Office (PO) duties:

Efficiency, use of proper voting procedures and correct motions

to move along debate are an obligation of ALL members of the

chamber and should not have to be repeatedly prompted by the PO.

The PO's primary duties are to keep speech time and recognize

speakers/questioners based on a strict, impartial adherence to

precedence/recency. Do not run for PO if you do not feel

prepared to execute these duties. Serving as PO is never a

guarantee of breaking; a PO's performance is weighed against the

PO expectations outlined above.

About me:

Software Engineer at Nokia, Plano, Texas.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Java is the right language abused for too many wrong purposes.

Javascript is evil.

Unlike Forth & APL, most Perl code is unreadable.

At this point please inform the author that assembly language is the greatest programming concept ever invented.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Melissa Cardinal Winter Classic 1/25/2019 UILLD RD3 Briston Raines Ameya Singh Neg
Melissa Cardinal Winter Classic 1/25/2019 UILLD RD3 Thejas Gudur Ravi Parekh Neg
Melissa Cardinal Winter Classic 1/25/2019 NSDLD RD2 Rachel Adejokun Drew Richardson Aff
Melissa Cardinal Winter Classic 1/25/2019 NSDLD RD2 Brooke Dillashaw Kalliope Kovatch Aff
Melissa Cardinal Winter Classic 1/25/2019 UILLD RD1 Kameron Minchew Ittai Perez Aff
Melissa Cardinal Winter Classic 1/25/2019 UILLD RD1 Gavyn Byrd Diksha Krishna Aff