Zachary Nepote Paradigm

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Pronouns: he/him


Tuloso- Midway HS, Class of 2020. I have done policy, LD, Congress, and everything else.

UT San Antonio '24, Global Affairs.

email chain:, Subject line: Tournament, Round, side

I have some progressive experience but I debated mostly in traditional circuits. I am okay with Ks, K Affs, CP's, DA, T, and Theory arguments long as you are able to explain the argument/case. I will not go for an argument that you cannot explain in less than 2 sentences. Don't run disclosure, lame, and I won't consider it. I am a suitable judge for a CP, K, DA, policy affs, and trad typa person. If you are running a dense philosophy case, I would consider choosing another judge. I won't vote down these types of cases, I just need heavy analysis and explanation of the case/ philosophy.

Spreading: I will say clear twice.

At the end of the 1NR/2AC, go top-down. Start with the framework, discuss major drops, and give me voters. the more you give me to write on the flow, the more I can critique.

Pls don't run anything offensive and don't be rude to your opponent.

Full Judging Record

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