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I was a congressional debater with some experience on the national circuit. I study political science and am an avid follower of global affairs. Regardless of the bill, I will know what you're saying, I will know if your evidence is appropriate, and I will know if your argument makes sense. This said, what I'm paying most attention to is your argument, so I'm about 70/30 between content and delivery.

Other notes:

1. Refute often and well. Don't straw-man. Steel-man instead. The better the argument is that you are refuting, the better it reflects on you.

2. Have unique and interesting arguments. No one wants to hear the same argument multiple times. Show me you have a strong grasp of the bill, both in its context and implications. I can follow complicated arguments, but it's up to you to present it so that it makes sense.

3. Your presentation of your source should be such that I can easily look it up. Stats are preferred. Exemplary logical analysis from first principles can substitute for a source in some instances.

4. CX is great. Ask good questions that further debate and show both you and the speaker know your stuff. Keep questions to the point; it is the speaker's time.

5. Be a respectful and active member of the chamber. Pretty basic, just remember that it reflects poorly on you if you come across as a jerk.

6. Have fun!

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