Braden Lefler Paradigm

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Experience: 4 years high school (2009-2013); 3 years college at Wichita State University (2013-2016); assistant coach at Maize High School (2014); assistant coach at Goddard High School (2015-2017).


I am most comfortable judging traditional policy debates because I spent the majority of my debate career reading traditional policy arguments. However, that does not mean that I am unable, or unwilling, to listen to and vote for critical arguments. However, if your k lit is very dense, you will likely need to explain your argument clearly for me to track your argument. As a general rule, I do not vote for arguments that I don't understand at the end of the round because I think it is your job to explain it effectively. All that being said, I did debate long enough that I encountered plenty of ks, and read some too, so I will certainly do my best to follow your argument if that is the route you wish to take the debate. The best advice is to do what you do best.

I spent a lot of time reading T and theory during my career, and think it can be strategic. If the aff is not T, or is implicated by some theory argument, then by all means make the argument. I generally think T should not be an amorphous part of the debate, and weighing the impacts of the interpretations is an avenue which can make T very persuasive, among many others.

I think good evidence and good evidence comparison are very important and can make the difference in close debates. Clarity is very important. If I cannot understand your argument, there is a low chance I vote on it. Be thoughtful and strategic with cx. Too often teams will not give up a line of questioning when it is clear they are not going to get the answer they want.

Otherwise I generally enjoy good strategic cp and da debates.

If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Blue Valley Southwest Invitational 9/28/2018 R5 AndCen CK SME LU Neg
Blue Valley Southwest Invitational 9/28/2018 R4 BVNW BS BVN AH Neg
Blue Valley Southwest Invitational 9/28/2018 R2 BVN BL LanSr AC Neg
Blue Valley Southwest Invitational 9/28/2018 R1 Newton CH BVN DM Aff