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Last changed 28 October 2021 4:16 PM EDT

Hi! I listed any specific things I like to see below - lmk if you have any questions :) Add me to the email chain -

K vs DA Rounds: I don't care what the neg team runs, because whatever strat will beat the aff is fine haha. I am a policy debater and will definitely be more helpful in judging policy debates b/c of my experience.

- If you're going to run a K, explaining how & using dropped FW as the offense gets you bonus points.

- If you can't explain the K, or any of your links well during cx or in round it's pretty likely I won't vote for you. You've gotta be able to articulate what you're running, so just explain!!

Speech Docs: Just be nice to everyone. Don't leave out ASPEC or any other theory args - if you do deliberately leave it out and try to blow it up in the round, I'm not going to vote on it. Ofc, you can leave out any analytics.

Controversial Args: I'm Black, Muslim, and a woman so try not to say anything too crazy lol. If you run something blatantly racist I won't react well. Definitely watch your language in round because I do not tolerate slurs/racism/sexism/homophobia/general discrimination at all.

Affs: Policy affs>K Affs because of my personal bias in thinking they solve better & more directly. Run what you'd like, but if you run a K-Aff you better do lots of explaining b/c if I don't believe the aff solves or understand how it solves, I can't vote aff.

Line By Line: I love line by line, so incorporate it into all of your speeches for bonus points!! Flow the other team's args, and don't rely on the speech docs 100%

Randos: You & your partner should time your speeches, and make sure to turn your camera on if you're spreading! Everyone else can have cams off :)

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
The Iowa Caucus Debates HS 2021-10-29 NCX R3 Blue Valley West WM Washington PH Neg