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Last changed 3 October 2020 1:01 AM PDT

Damien High school 22' , 3rd-year varsity debater

put me on the chain @ - JJBartholomew22@damien-hs.edu



Respect the judge and opponents

I'm cool with spreading just don't go warp speed through blocks and always emphasize/signpost, ill shout clear if you're going too

fast. thoroughly extend warrants, shadow extending sucks. Better analysis is better than card dumping and

don't leave it up to me to do the work for you. Good speaks for comparative analysis. I'm pretty familiar with

the topic but don't assume I know the entirety of an arg.

Theory -

Theory cool and ill vote on it, unless there's an obvious answer. I generally think Condos good but ill evaluate it if the

other team mishandles it. No aspec, cross-x solves. The same condo rules apply to all theory if its argued well and its

mishandled ill vote. Individual off case violations are a reason to reject the team unless told otherwise.


Love good CP's and DA's

Thoroughly explain how the CP interacts with the DA,

The permutation usually solves and every counterplan needs a specific reason why the perm can't function or is bad

Neg: I don't have a high threshold for DA's, especially on this year's topic, ill vote on it if it's not likely as long as you

frame the debate properly. Don't shadow extend if you're going CP DA, thorough explanation of how the CP

doesn't link or resolves the NB. Decision/impact calc is important, I won't do the work for you unless the aff is lacking. 2NC cp's

are fire.

Aff: I'm not a fan of the solvency deficits that x actor can't do x plan because of authority unless there's a solid impact. Not all

Solvency deficits need a major one but at least a good reason. I'll side with the affirmative on judge kicking unless im

told otherwise and evaluate DA's vs the squo. Perms are your friend and you should use them, they're usually the best way out of a


T -

I'm a big fan of T on this year's topic

Neg: I'll vote if explained well, author quals and intent to define/exclude is important. Competing interpretations is usually

good, must be explained or ill default to reasonability. Good explanation of how each component interacts with one

another. Thoroughly extend the interpretation and compete off of it. I generally don't like T but its definitely viable given the topic.

Aff: Don't just read a generic block, genuinely answer it. I usually don't like reasonability unless it's expanded upon

but not just if I think the aff is T. I'm not a huge fan of the SCOTUS aff's so watch out for T.

K -

Neg: not my favorite, don't assume I know all of the literature but I'm pretty familiar,

no votes for no explanations, let me know if I need a new flow for the overview, good link works win, decision calc for

filtering my decision, read a plan

Aff: must be effective on the case, don't undercover it to answer the K, ill vote on perf con if its a major contradiction. Perms

usually arent your friends here. Perf con justifies severing reps. I'll usually let the aff weigh case.

Case -

Aff: be efficient in case, don't spend the whole 2ac on it. Explain the aff well.

Neg: don't card dump and expect to win, DA turns case arg's are good, good impact on both sides of the debate is important. Im

willing to vote on presumption if there are major concessions and I'm effectively told so

Full Judging Record
Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Heart of Texas HS 2021-02-27 NCX R5 Little Rock Central PS New Trier LH Aff
Damus Hollywood Invitational HS 2020-11-07 NCX Rd4 St Mark's School of Texas PC Polytechnic MR Neg
Damus Hollywood Invitational HS 2020-11-07 NCX Rd3 Meadows DHN Liberal Arts and Science BL Neg
Damus Hollywood Invitational HS 2020-11-07 NCX Rd2 Notre Dame RL Peninsula DS Neg
Damus Hollywood Invitational HS 2020-11-07 NCX Rd1 Meadows GT St Mark's School of Texas TM Aff
Damien Middle School Debate Tournament MS 2019-12-14 MS LD R2 Honor LC ModernBrain SK Neg Neg 3-0
Damien Middle School Debate Tournament MS 2019-12-14 MS LD R2 ModernBrain SC Marlborough TZ Neg Neg 3-0
Damien Middle School Debate Tournament MS 2019-12-14 MS LD R1 Magnet VF ModernBrain SC Aff Aff 2-1
Damien Middle School Debate Tournament MS 2019-12-14 MS LD R1 ModernBrain ZY Marlborough MS Neg Neg 3-0