Kevin Gordon Paradigm

Last changed 2/1 4:56P CST

Policy Debate:

Consider me a lay judge. If you spread as fast as you possible you can expect me to miss warrants, claims, or fully grasp the point of your argument. My apologies to the professionals.

I expect serious impact calculus and clear explanation of what you think the voting issues are, and will not do the heavy lifting for you in deciding if your argument is more valid or important than the opposing teams (see above point about being a lay judge...).

Kritiks - theoretically fine, but in practice, even four full speeches on your k will not be sufficient for me to fully understand the argument on the level you want and expect. However, if you feel able to explain to a troglodyte non-expert a little of the jargon and buzzword filled monstrosities of many K tags, go for it.

Speaker points - Be able to explain things in your own words without just regurgitating tags. Make good strategic decisions. Speak persuasively in rebuttals. Do well in CX both asking and answering. Do not be hyper-aggressive. Do be funny, if possible.

Congressional Debate:

I highly value clash (refutations), new arguments, and strong evidence and/or logical analytics from first principles. While speaking ability is important, Congress is firstly a debate event and only second a speech event - both are needed to be holistically successful.

I also suggest any experienced debater incorporate impact calculus, especially in later speeches.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
National Speech and Debate Tournament 6/17/2019 XDB R7 K525 K852 Neg
National Speech and Debate Tournament 6/17/2019 XDB R7 K186 K1080 Neg
ETHS Superb Owl 2/1/2019 CX R2 Whitney Young TM Lane Tech GL Aff
ETHS Superb Owl 2/1/2019 CX R1 Northside TW Niles West CS Aff
Niles Township Invitational 9/7/2018 POL Rd 2 Solorio MU Northside College Prep TH Aff
Niles Township Invitational 9/7/2018 POL Rd 1 New Trier KV Northside College Prep CK Neg