Siri Mandava Paradigm

Public forum debater for Johnston

She/Her/Hers pronouns

- Clarity over speed always

- Warrant everything you say

- Be respectful towards your opponents (in other words do not be rude in cross, let the other person speak!)

- I don't count stuff in most crossfires unless you make it a point and bring it up again in a speech

- Please don't bring up new evidence past summary, and don't bring up new responses in final focus

- Don't make up evidence! Paraphrasing is fine unless you are misinterpreting evidence

- Always weigh !!

- Extend arguments through out your speeches in order for me to evaluate them

- I'm chill with k’s /theory /etc and pretty much any other out of the box arguments as long as they are well warranted and explained

- And don't stress about speaks

Email me if you have questions and send me cards/cc me @

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Iowa Novice Night 4 HS 2021-02-09 NPF r3 Iowa City West DK CAM BN Aff