Linda Soudek Paradigm

I'm the debate coach at Hennessey HS and started the forensics program there five years ago. Previously I coached at Kingfisher HS and I also was a CX debater at Kingfisher. All in all, I've been involved with this activity now for 26 years.

I'm very old school when it comes to what I like and don't like in a round because, well, I'm old. But more specifically, here are my "paradigms."

1. I will vote on a stock issue every single time if you win it.

2. Aff. cases should be topical. This goes without saying, but apparently I have to say it now.

2. I don't like critiques, counterplans, squirrel cases, or any other things the "creative" debate people have come up with over the years to try to take away from what a CX debate round was meant to be (in my opinion.) That's not to say I've never voted for one, I just really, REALLY don't like them.

3. If I can't understand you, I don't flow. If I don't flow the argument, I can't consider the argument. If I can't consider the argument, I can't vote on it, and it's out of the round. I don't have a problem with speed, but clarity is key.

4. EVERYONE needs to flow the round.

5. NEGATIVE TEAMS- RUN CASE ARGUMENTS!!!! This is one of the most under-utilized strategies in CX debate, in my opinion.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Haskell Haymaker Invitational HS 2020-02-14 4ACHCX R4 411 Holman & Brown C13 Scott & Singh & Fletcher-Ruyle Neg