Sophie O'Reilly Paradigm

Last changed 17 September 2020 3:17 PM EDT

Hello! I am a first-year alumnus of NSDA and am currently studying at Hendrix College. I have four years of speech and debate experience and have participated in USX, poetry, standard oratory. I was a Lincoln Douglas debater my freshman year and competed in Public Forum for the other three. I went to NSDA nationals my senior year (2020) in public forum and was in the Top 12 in extemporaneous debate.

In terms of my paradigm, I have a couple of things worth noting:

  • I expect discourse to be civil. That being said, if your opponent brings intensity into the debate, I am more than okay with you standing your ground. My preference, however, is that the round doesn’t get to that point.
  • Yes, I would like to be included in the email chain! My email is
  • I will call for cards if it ends up being essential in the round or if you ask me to.
  • Spreading isn’t my favorite, but I can handle speed. However, if I’m staring at you and not flowing, that’s my way of indicating to you that you’re going too fast. Please try to moderate your speed, especially given that the online format has so much potential for lag.
  • Key voting issues are of significance to me. I want to see you make overarching connections and tell me what you believe matters most in the round. Don’t just tell me what your opponent didn’t do, but try to also tell me what you did particularly well!
  • I love arguments with depth; try to pull in new pieces of evidence and add more complex ideas to the round. Otherwise, it gets boring and redundant for everyone involved. This is supposed to be an educational exercise. Experiment and try to synthesize your argument in a context larger than the round!

If you have any additional questions about my paradigm, feel free to ask me before the round begins. Other than that, I look forward to being your judge!

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
2021 Virtual Lakeville Lucky Duck HS 2021-10-02 VLD R5 Apple Valley KW Robbinsdale Armstrong DM Aff
2021 Virtual Lakeville Lucky Duck HS 2021-10-02 NLD R4 Edina SJ Lakeville AH Neg
2021 Virtual Lakeville Lucky Duck HS 2021-10-02 VLD R3 Rosemount CD Robbinsdale Armstrong JN Neg
Lindale Fall TFA HS 2020-09-16 VPF Octafi Centennial Rohit Subramaniam & Tarun Mandapati Plano West Aditya Kumar & Michael Chen Con Con 3-0
Lindale Fall TFA HS 2020-09-16 VPF R4 Southlake Carroll Nikhil Reddy & Anbu Subramanian Plano West Grace Wang & Meghna Subramanium Con