Victoria Huynh Paradigm

Last changed 5 January 2018 5:09 PM MST

In case anyone is curious, I have had minimal experience in HI, Duo, Oratory, and Prose and had my main event as Expository Speaking.

If I can't understand you, then I can't give a proper evaluation. Therefore, speak in a loud and clear manner. If possible, unless I am the only one in the room, maintain eye contact with other individuals other than myself. Since I will be making general notes (i.e. topic, movements, volume, inflection in tone, etc), I can assure you that I will not be making eye contact for the entirety--or even majority--of the round.

Other than that, be sure to shake off any nerves you have and have fun with your performance! I can't invest myself in watching you if you don't first convince me to do so. :)

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