Erin Guiney Paradigm

Last changed 29 December 2017 8:42 PM EDT

I have experience competing, judging, and coaching both Congressional Debate and Public Forum Debate and have judged a handful of Novice LD rounds.

For Congress:

60% presentation, 40% content. There MUST be refutation in every speech after the authorship. If you speak twice on the same bill I will drop you. If you refer to male competitors as 'representative' and female competitors as 'Ms.' I will drop you. Please give me impacts.

For PF:

I'm not going to time you. I'm not going to flow CX. You will not be able to speak faster than I will be able to flow. I need impacts, please, and clear taglines. It is not my job to weigh the round for you, so you need to be doing impact calculus and giving me key voters all the way through. If you are rude in CX I will give you low speaks and I will want to drop you. Also I do not care who the authors of your cards are so if you refer to cards by the author only I am not going to know what you are talking about.

For NLD:

I'm new to this, so please speak clearly, give me impacts, and use your value and criterion throughout the round. I won't flow CX and I won't be able to keep up if you go full spread on me. Weigh impacts and condense the debate for me more and more every speech so it is clear what the main issues are.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Middle School TOC hosted by UK MS 2019-05-11 LD R6 ModernBrain KL Harker KM Neg
Arizona State HDSHC Invitational HS 2018-01-05 NLD R4 Advanced Technologies Acad IC Salt Lake City West AC Aff
Arizona State HDSHC Invitational HS 2018-01-05 NLD R4 Mountain View MC Red Mountain IP Aff