Jennifer Partridge Paradigm

Last changed 2 January 2019 6:31 AM MST

I have been judging speech events since September of 2017. I have judged almost every event, and am fairly familiar with the rules.

I would like the name of your piece beforehand, especially for impromptu and extemp. Note, this does not mean the prompt, but the actual name you give your speech. Puns are preferred, though not necessary (if you want to lose). If you are doing oratory, be sure that your piece does not contain too many quotes. I count every single word that comes out of your mouth, and I will know if you go over the 10% maximum. If you are doing interp, I hope that you have the source material with you, as this is a requirement according to the NSDA rules. I like to read along in order to ensure adherence to the source material. This goes double for duo. In informative, you will be marked down for every fact or statistic you say that I already know: you can't call it informative if you're not teaching me new things. Additionally, bonus points will be awarded if you use a chair as a "visual aid" because standing is difficult with the amount of sleep deprivation you undoubtedly have. In all events that I judge, an extra speaker point is awarded if someone shouts, "World star!" after a joke that I find funny, both to the shouter and the joke teller. Rapping automatically ensures 50 speaks, unless your flow is whack, dawg. That is not dank nor is it on fleek.

Speech is supposed to be a fun event. Make me laugh or make me feel something emotionally. Hopefully you can tell that I have a sense of humor. It goes without saying that the middle paragraph should be completely disregarded. Paradigms are mostly a debate thing, but high school students do tend to be paranoid. Anyway, that's my 20 cents. If you didn't understand that pun, you lose ten speaker points. I can always tell based on the look in your eyes ;)

P.S. It has come to my attention after I submitted this that I will be judging debate as well. Bring your own coins. I am broke. I expect that you will all be timing yourselves, though I do keep time as well (even if it is by counting out loud the entire time in the event that my phone dies). I pay attention to crossfire. My son has informed me that I do not flow formally, though I do take extensive notes of the arguments made throughout the round when I'm not doodling. I am aware that final focus is only permitted to extend things that were stated in summary. I'm not familiar with kritiques or theory shells, but go ahead and try them, especially if they mention Kanye West. I am more lay than tech, but less lay than most. If you find an excuse to engage in a rap battle to determine the victor of the round, you are not the first one I've seen (I wasn't the judge for that round, but I have heard the GLORIOUS stories). This remains to be my 20 cents, and even though debate is often less humorous, I expect the same understanding of my puns.

Full Judging Record

Tournament Lv Date Ev Rd Aff Neg Vote Result
Arizona State HDSHC Invitational HS 2018-01-05 NPF R2 Hamilton GC Fairmont Prep PL Con
Arizona State HDSHC Invitational HS 2018-01-05 NPF R1 Brophy CP SM Flintridge Prep CS Con
Arizona State HDSHC Invitational HS 2018-01-05 NPF R1 Grantsville SW Clark KS Pro