Upcoming Tournaments in UT

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
4/17 -5/27 Leopard Novice Cup UT/US
Closed4/62:15 PM MDT
5/23 UT BQ Wasatch Wipe Out 2POINTO UT/US
Closed5/225:00 PM MDT
10/13 -10/14 UT Knights Joust Oct 13th and 14th UT/US
Opens9/135:00 PM MDT
11/17 -11/18 UT Juan Diego Silver and Blue UT/US
Opens9/165:00 PM MDT
11/30 -12/2 NatCir UT Alta Silver and Black Invitational UT/US
Opens9/123:15 PM MDT
2/2 -2/3 UT Skyridge Falcon Frenzy UT/US
Opens1/25:00 PM MDT
4/5 -4/7 UT UHSAA 3A State Drama UT/US
Opens2/214:00 PM MDT