Upcoming Tournaments in PA

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
3/24 -3/25 NSDA Iroquois NSDA District PA/US
Closed3/214:59 PM EDT
3/28 NatCir BQ Big Questions at Strath Haven PA/US
Closed3/2312:00 PM EDT
3/31 PHSSL D10&15 PCFL Unionville Big Questions Debate Tournament PA/US
Due 3/265:00 PM EDT
4/1 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PITT KO Freshman Sophomore Trnmt PA/US
Due 4/14:00 PM EDT
4/1 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 HarCFL Redeem Yourself Tournament PA/US
Due 3/2911:55 PM EDT
4/1 NatCir 9th University of Pennsylvania Lincoln Douglas Round Robin PA/US
Due 4/18:00 PM EDT
4/1 PSDL University of Pennsylvania Spring Tournament PA/US
Due 4/15:00 PM EDT
4/1 NatCir PHSSL D10&15 PITT Pgh Dist Big Q Debate PA/US
Due 4/17:00 PM EDT
Due 4/112:00 AM EDT
4/20 -4/24 NatCir SPDL BQ Bucks County Big Questions Invitational PA/US
Due 4/135:00 PM EDT
4/22 NCFL NatCir PCFL Holy Ghost Prep Grade School Invitational PA/US
Due 4/223:00 PM EDT
4/29 NatCir Newark NJFL Spartan Invitational PA/US
Due 4/264:00 PM EDT
5/18 CCIU Middle School Tournament PA/US
Due 5/115:00 PM EDT
11/11 NatCir HarCFL PHSSL Dallastown Wildcat Invitational 2017 PA/US
Opens7/318:00 AM EDT