Upcoming Tournaments in OK

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
2/24 -2/26 NatCir OK The JW Patterson Invitational Debates Heritage Hall Take 2 OK/US
Closed2/172:00 PM CST
2/24 -2/25 MO OK Kansas Norman North Mnemosyne Tournament OK/US
Closed2/214:00 PM CST
2/24 -2/25 NatCir OK The Jenks Classic OK/US
Closed2/224:00 PM CST
3/24 -3/25 OK OSSAA West Oklahoma 6A 5A Regionals OK/US
Due 2/287:00 PM CST
3/24 -3/25 OK OSSAA East 6A 5A Regional Tournament OK/US
Due 3/105:00 PM CST