Upcoming Tournaments

Dates Circuits Tournament Locale Registration
4/17 -5/27 Leopard Novice Cup UT/US
Closed4/62:15 PM MDT
4/19 -5/24 NHS LD Tourney LA/US
Closed4/125:00 PM CDT
5/22 -6/2 Borah Big Question ID/US
Closed5/195:00 PM UTC
5/23 UT BQ Wasatch Wipe Out 2POINTO UT/US
Closed5/225:00 PM MDT
5/27 -5/28 NCFL Grand Nationals KY/US
Closed4/163:05 AM EDT
5/27 NYCUDL NYCUDL Elementary School Tournament 3 NY/US
Due 5/275:00 PM EDT
5/27 OCDL OCDL SoCal Regional Championship CA/US
Due 5/274:00 PM PDT
5/27 CA Pacific Championships BC/CA
Closed5/2011:55 PM PDT
6/1 -6/4 NatCir Twitter TOC CA/US
Due 5/3111:55 PM PDT
6/1 -6/5 NYCUDL NYCUDL Bronx Borough Championship NY/US
Due 5/315:00 PM EDT
6/2 BQ Snohomish Big Questions Tournament 3 WA/US
Due 5/265:00 PM CDT
6/2 BQCFL AFBHS Middle School Invitational NY/US
Due 5/319:00 PM EDT
6/7 BQ Phoenix High School Big Questions OR/US
Due 5/315:00 PM CDT
6/8 North Valley Big Question OR/US
Due 6/15:00 PM PDT
6/8 MFA Maine Middle School Tournament ME/US
Due 6/76:00 PM EDT
6/9 NYCUDL NYCUDL Queens High School Scrimmage NY/US
Due 6/75:00 PM EDT
6/10 NatCir Bergen County Big Questions NJ/US
Due 6/35:00 PM CDT
6/10 MN East Ridge Congress Round Robin MN/US
Due 6/35:00 PM CDT
6/19 -6/23 NSDA National Speech and Debate Tournament AL/US
Closed5/155:00 PM CDT
6/20 -6/23 NSDA Middle NSDA NSDA Middle School National Tournament AL/US
Due 5/2611:55 PM CDT
7/12 -7/20 NatCir Summer NDF Boston Practice Rounds MA/US
Opens6/125:00 PM EDT
7/14 -7/15 WSDC MYDC Debate Tournament MA
Due 7/75:00 PM CEST
7/18 -7/20 Seoul Open KR
Due 7/115:00 PM KST
7/31 -8/4 Summer NDF Iowa Practice Rounds IA/US
Opens7/15:00 PM EDT
8/3 -8/6 NatCir Summer CFL SCU Summer Workshop CA/US
Due 8/25:00 PM PDT
9/2 NatCir GFCA Mount Vernon Debate Derby GA/US
Opens7/25:00 PM EST
9/9 -9/11 NatCir National Speech and Debate Season Opener hosted by UK KY/US
Opens6/18:00 AM EDT
9/9 NatCir MDCSDL Early Bird Yale Debate Tournament Prep DC/US
Opens7/255:00 PM EDT
9/15 -9/17 NatCir Yale Invititational CT/US
Opens7/311:00 PM EDT
9/15 -9/16 Kansas Washburn Rural Invitational KS/US
Opens8/188:00 AM CDT
9/16 NatCir NSDA Middle MDCSDL EarlyBird Middle School Debate and Camp Reunion Battle DC/US
Opens8/165:00 PM EDT
9/16 -9/18 NDT-CEDA UMKC Baby Jo MO/US
Due 9/1111:55 PM CDT
9/16 -9/17 NatCir CFL 7th Annual Garcia Invitational CA/US
Opens8/25:00 PM PDT
9/30 -10/1 NatCir Jack Howe Memorial Tournament CA/US
Opens8/315:00 PM PDT
9/30 -10/7 CA The 3rd Annual Oratio Public Speaking Tournament CA
Due 9/155:00 PM PDT
10/6 NatCir FFL The Tradition Round Robin FL/US
Opens9/19:00 AM EDT
10/7 -10/8 NatCir FFL The Tradition Cypress Bay HS FL/US
Opens8/19:00 AM EDT
10/7 GGSA GGSA League Policy 1 CA/US
Opens9/75:00 PM PDT
10/13 -10/15 NDT-CEDA 62nd Annual George R R Pflaum Debate Tournament KS/US
Opens9/135:00 PM CDT
10/13 -10/15 NatCir New York City Invitational Debate and Speech Tournament NY/US
Opens8/1412:00 PM EDT
10/13 -10/14 UT Knights Joust Oct 13th and 14th UT/US
Opens9/135:00 PM MDT
10/20 -10/23 NatCir OK Kansas JW Patterson Invitational OK/US
Opens9/15:00 PM CDT
10/21 -10/23 NDT-CEDA Las Vegas Classic Debate Tournament at UNLV NV/US
Opens7/261:00 PM PDT
10/27 -10/29 NatCir The Meadows School Invitational NV/US
Opens8/2112:00 PM PDT
10/28 -10/30 NDT-CEDA ADA The Jesuit Gonzaga University WA/US
Due 10/1812:00 AM PDT
11/4 NatCir SD SF Roosevelt Sweetstakes SD/US
Opens10/17:30 AM CDT
11/11 NatCir HarCFL PHSSL Dallastown Wildcat Invitational 2017 PA/US
Opens7/318:00 AM EDT
11/17 -11/18 UT Juan Diego Silver and Blue UT/US
Opens9/165:00 PM MDT
11/17 -11/18 MO MSU Gloria Deo High School Tournament MO/US
Opens8/65:00 PM CDT
11/17 -11/19 WUDC WSDC Casa Open Debate Tournament 2nd edition MA
Opens6/15:00 PM CEST
11/17 NatCir PHSSL Gettysburg Address Debates PA/US
Opens7/319:00 AM EDT
11/18 NatCir FFL 5th Annual Falcon Invitational FL/US
Opens9/189:00 AM EDT
11/18 -11/20 NatCir Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament IL/US
Opens9/18:00 AM CDT
11/21 -11/22 NatCir Glenbrooks Round Robin IL/US
Opens9/18:00 AM CDT
11/30 -12/2 NatCir UT Alta Silver and Black Invitational UT/US
Opens9/123:15 PM MDT
12/2 -12/4 Carrollton Sacred Heart FL/US
Opens9/15:00 PM EDT
12/8 -12/10 NatCir LA Isidore Newman School Invitational LA/US
Opens9/308:00 AM CDT
12/9 WHSFA WHSFA State Debate Contest WI/US
Opens10/66:00 AM CDT
1/5 -1/7 NatCir Arizona State Hugh Downs SHC Invitational AZ/US
Opens9/15:00 PM MST
1/19 -1/21 NatCir CFL CBSR Peninsula Invitational CA/US
Opens10/112:00 PM PDT
2/2 -2/3 NatCir PCFL Pennsbury Falcon Invitational PA/US
Opens11/119:00 AM EDT
2/2 -2/3 UT Skyridge Falcon Frenzy UT/US
Opens1/25:00 PM MDT
3/3 NatCir PHSSL Gettysburg Pre States Invitational PA/US
Opens9/188:00 AM EDT
3/6 Kansas DCHS Speech Invitational KS/US
Opens2/65:00 PM CDT
4/5 -4/7 UT UHSAA 3A State Drama UT/US
Opens2/214:00 PM MDT
4/8 MSDL BH tournament MA/US
Opens3/85:00 PM EDT
11/1 -11/3 COLLEGE Demo Tournament CA/US
Opens10/210:00 AM PDT