This page hosts the Computer Assisted Tabulation (CAT 2.0) software and support documentation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You should NOT use the CAT to tabulate if you have any ability to tabulate directly through the website. Direct tabulation through the website is the strongly encounraged. The CAT was used to tabulate the 2014 NDT but is now maintained only as a backup system to the direct tabulation. You ARE encouraged to make regular backups of your online tournament via the CAT as the tournament progresses. If you are a TRPC user, backing up to the CAT is akin to backing up to a flash drive, and you should do it every time you encounter a significant tournament event, such as the last ballot for a round comning in, or the release of a round. These files can then be used directly on the CAT or re-uploaded into tabroom.

The CAT2 succeeds the CAT1, and is fully integrated with the website to allow automatic online postings and online balloting. It is fully compatible with the TRPC, so you can tab on CAT2 to get all the internet bells and whistles, and back up to the TRPC so you can always switch over in the event of disaster.

System Requirements

  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution. Resolution either too large or too small will produce strange results. Go to control panel -> display -> adjust resolution to set the screen resolution to 1280 x 800.
  • Windows 7 (not tested for earlier versions of Windows, and not functional for any other operating system)

Key Support Documents

The best place to start is by downloading and reading the QuickStart guide:

QuickStart Guide

If you are a TRPC user, this document will let you look up every screen you are used to in the TRPC and find the CAT2 equivalent.

TRPC Conversion Guide

Running a tournament on the CAT for the first time is made easier if you set everything up right first. The following guide will walk you through the options and make sure you don't fall into some common pitfalls.

CAT Pre-Flight Checklist

CAT2 Download

The CAT2 is simply a windows executable file. You can download it by clicking the link below and saving the file to your desktop (or any other place on your computer). The specific way it downloads will depend on your browser. Once it's saved on your desktop, simply click it to launch and follow the on-screen instructions. The name of the file is CAT20.exe; there is not a "full" and "update only" version of the download, just the one executable file.

Firefox: Click on the link, and when the option pops up, select "save file." A second browser window will pop up with your download in it. You can click on the file in that window and drag it to your desktop.

Internet Explorer: A pop-up will appear at the bottom of your screen with run, save and cancel options. Select "Save -> Save as" and navigate to your desktop to save.

Safari: A button will pop up with run, save, and cancel options. A smaller, pop-up browser window will appear labeled "downloads." Click the magnifying glass icon to open the containing folder. The CAT should be the top option listed, and from there you can drag it to the desktop.

Chrome: A small button will appear in the bottom-right with an arrow to indicate options. Click the arrow and select "show in folder." The CAT2 should be the top option; from there you can drag it to your desktop.

CAT Download

First launch: You will receive a message indicating that there is no data file and directing you to the "generate/load data file" in the lower-right. Close the message and click the button. You can either download your tournament from the center of the screen or click the "sample file" button on the middle left to download a sample tournament to play around with.

General Tabulation Information

The "How to tab" manual includes everything you ever wanted to know about debate tabulation, and someone else is sure to ask you. It is somewhat dated, but includes all the basic information you need.

How To Tab

"How To" Videos