2020 Georgiana Hays Invitational

2020 — Saratoga, CA/US

Emma Barton Paradigm


I vote on the flow and rarely intervene.


I have experience as a debater and a debate educator. I am debate with the UC Berkeley APDA team. I have taught Parli at the Stanford National Forensic Institute and I currently coach the Berkeley High School team. 



I pretty much will always vote on the flow and generally just want to see a good, clean round. I care about organization. I think it is very important to warrant and impact arguments. I also think it is important for you to pay attention to the judging criteria/standard, it isn't there to look pretty. 

I try to as tablua rosa as possible. That said, if you are being racist/sexist/homophobic/etc there's a pretty good chance I will not vote for you. That also means that if your opponents say something racist/sexist/homophobic/etc and you call them out and remind me that the role of the ballot is to punish those things there is a very strong chance I'd side with you. 


I don't love it but I will vote on it. I'm certainly no theory expert but I won't be confused if you say you have a T Shell or a K, etc. If you are running slimy theory I am less likely to be sympathetic to you, I care about debate and think there is a place for theory but that place is not when you just don't know what the topic is about. 


Speaking Preferences:

I can probably handle your speed but if I tell you to slow down and you don't it will be your fault if I miss your arguments. Also, do not spread out your opponents. It is unlikely that that would be reflected in my decision but it will be in speaker points. 



Ask POIs but, as with all things, don't be an asshole. I will flow new arguments in the rebuttals until you call them out so do Point of Order. I am sympathetic to the RVI if it is done well.



Roberta Binarelli Paradigm

I am a parent judge with little/no experience.

David Gomez Siu Paradigm

Conflicts: Campolindo High School, Berkeley High School, various individual constraints

Last update: February 20, 2020

Pronouns: he/him/his

I am the head coach of Berkeley High School Speech and Debate and I competed for Campolindo for 4 years, qualified twice to the TOC, quarters my senior year. I explicitly tie my ballot to the flow I keep for the round. Paradigmatically, I am inclined towards tech > 'truth' but there's no reason why tech can't also be truth - in fact, I prefer it. I will not hack for any argument, and do not paradigmatically prefer any argument over another; I will equally evaluate anything you present in front of me - read whatever you would like to. This space is yours. Please weigh, please collapse, please have impacts, please be organized. I am a scribe for the round, so I do not do work for you nor do I protect against new arguments in the last speech - call the POO. Be wary of shadow extending in front of me. I have judged most debate events before, and most of the below applies to all of them. However, I almost exclusively judge parli.

Be inclusive to everyone in the debate space - I will drop teams who impede others from accessing it or making it a hostile environment. Structural violence in debate is real and bad. I reserve any and every right to believe that if you have made this space violent for others, you should lose the round because of it. Also just as important, if not more - if you believe your opponents have made the round inaccessible to you, give me a reason to drop them for it (ie. theory). I am an empathetic judge; my threshold for voting on that theory is based on how much abuse is present to me, and trust me when I say I usually know when people are being abusive in round. But I'm not perfect, so, help me help you make sure that teams who read abusive and violent arguments lose the round. Respect content warnings. Ignoring them is an auto-loss. Respect pronouns. Ignoring them / deliberate misgendering is an auto-loss. Outing people in any sense / threatening to do so is an auto-loss. I am prepared and willing to defend any decision to tab.

The debate space is yours, so I don't really care how you give your speech, just make sure I can hear what you are saying. If style causes you to be incoherent, I would prefer that you be coherent so that I can evaluate the merit of your argument. However, it is up to you how you would like to use your time and present your argument. Feel free not to adapt to me. I am fine with tag teaming, but I will only flow the words from the speaker. This means that if you're tagging in for your partner, they have to repeat what you say for me to evaluate it in the round; that speaker is guaranteed X minutes of time during which i listen to nobody but them, so it must be their words only.

I can flow your speed, but if you aren't clear I will not be able to flow. Few can go very fast and very clear. Clear does not equal slow, but it will likely help your delivery. I will yell clear or slow. Feel free not to, but know that I may not be able to understand what you are saying and therefore cannot flow it. If you are using speed to exclude your opponents from the round and/or refuse to make your speed accessible to the other team, I will not hesitate to vote on theory against it. Inclusivity is important. I flow on paper, so leave some time for me to switch sheets. Interps/texts twice please. I will almost 100% of the time ask for a text. PLEASE HAVE ONE WRITTEN FOR ME AND YOUR OPPONENTS.

Happy to hear almost any argument, except all the -isms and -obias (racism, homophobia, etc.). I am highly skeptical of arguments that require me to explicitly intervene in the debate without a warranted reason to. Blipping out a 10 second argument and asking me to vote there is going to be bad strategy in front of me. I have and will vote for tricks, but I will vote for the explanation and justification for the trick rather than the explicit iteration of it. I have a very high but not unreachable threshold for being asked to vote apart from the flow.

Be a civil and respectful human being and we'll have a great debate. I am not a fan of punting judges - everything above still applies, but I will just be very put off. Yes, that is interventionist and yes, I do think that it is justified.

Please ask for specifics in round if you are reading an especially weird argument that I may not have seen/heard before! Let me know if there is anything I can do to make the debate space more inclusive for you! I am more than happy to stall the round a little if talking through non-debate related things makes you more relaxed and able to compete at your best. If I have done something that you find problematic or has made the space harmful for anyone, please do not hesitate to either let me know or let the tournament know so that I can fix it for future rounds.

Questions or comments? Email me, dgomezsiu@berkeley.edu, contact me on FB, whatever. Please just remind me the round and your team code. I’m down to give extra feedback after rounds and to share my flows if I happened to type them for that round. Not as many people take advantage of this as they should...

Aditya Kaushik Paradigm

Relatively Tabula Rasa. Explain arguments well and don't assume things in your argumentation.