Sacramento NCFL Qualifier

2020 — Sacramento, CA/US

NCFL league invitation letter 2020

Sacramento NCFL

1142 Fremont Way

Sacramento, CA 95818

Dear Speech and Debate Coach:


            This letter invites you to join the National Catholic Forensics League (NCFL) through the Sacramento area chapter.  NCFL is a national speech and debate organization which is open to any high school in the United States which is a member of a local chapter.  NCFL holds a national championship tournament every year during Memorial Day weekend.   This school year, the NCFL national championship tournament will be held in Chicago on May 23-24.  The Sacramento chapter holds a qualifier tournament for the national championship tournament which will be January 25-(and for debate elimination rounds only) 26, 2020 at Sacramento Waldorf School in  Fair Oaks.  The number of students in each event which the league can send to the national tournament is based on the number of members the league has.  More information about the NCFL is available at the NCFL’s web site,  The speech events for the NCFL are similar to the National Speech and Debate Association events.  However, there are some differences.  I strongly encourage you to read the event descriptions on the NCFL web site. 


            The local chapters have the same geographic boundaries as the local Archdiocese.  If a league does not exist for the Archdiocese where a high school is located, the school can compete in the closest league.  Public schools and schools with any other religious affiliation may join and participate.


            The fee to join the NCFL is $50.  Each school that wants to join must complete the league membership form at the ncfl website, (click on the school membership form on the home page) and return it to me with a check made out to the National Catholic Forensics League by Monday, December 9, 2019.  This date is necessary because the entry forms and checks must be mailed to the NCFL national office no later than December 10, 2018.  I will mail all entries and checks I receive to the national office.  Entries received by me between December 10, 2019 and, January Wednesday January 8, 2020 must pay $55 to join the NCFL.  Those entries will count toward the league quota for the national tournament.  NCFL membership forms and league dues received after January 8, 2020 are acceptable, but will not count toward the league quota.  If the league has 16 schools join, the league will have 4 qualifiers in each event to NCFL Nationals.  If the league has 21 schools join, the league will have 5 qualifiers in each event to NCFL Nationals. 


            There will also be an entry fee for competition in the qualifier tournament in order to cover the operating costs of that tournament.  Please email the form to me at or send your league membership form and check to Stephen Goldberg, 1142 Fremont Way, Sacramento, CA 95818.  If you choose to send the entry form and check by certified mail, UPS or Federal Express, please mail to my business address, 517 12th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814.  If getting payment to me is a problem, please send the form and I can add the league dues to your fees for the qualifier tournament. 


            If you have any questions, feel free to call me on, my cell phone at (916) 712-0782 or e-mail me at my home at





Stephen Goldberg

League Moderator

Sacramento NCFL