GGSA Parli 1

2019 — Benicia, CA/US


830a Round 1a Prep Varsity/JV

9a Debate Round 1a


930a Round 1b Prep Novice

10a Debate Round 1b


1020a Round 2a Prep Varsity/JV

1050a Debate Round 2a


1130a Round 2b Prep Novice

1200a  Debate Round 2b




100p Round 3a Prep Varsity/JV

130p Debate Round 3a


200p Round 3b Prep Novice

230p  Debate Round 3b




Note: The “Prep” times reflect the time debaters should be in the prep room, not the time the resolution will be read. Debaters should follow the above times, not the times stated in the blast, which do not account for prep time.