The Roar at the Ridge

2019 — Suwanee, GA/US

Fees and Judging

School Registration is $25

Each Lincoln Douglas entry is $20

Each Public Forum entry is $30

Each Individual Event entry is $20

Congressional Debate entry is $20

Big Questions Debate - free of charge


Judge obligations are as follows:

- Teams need to provide one judge per two Public Forum teams. Hired judges are $120 for Public Forum or a portion thereof at $60 per entry.

- One judge for every two Lincoln Douglas entries. Hired judges are $120 for Lincoln Douglas or a portion thereof at $60 per entry.

- One judge per four Individual Events entries. Hired judges are $100 for Individual Events, or a portion thereof at $25 per entry.

Judge obligations extend one round past the round in which that school's team(s) were eliminated. This means all judges in all divisions are obligated for one elim round. As a courtesy to those participating in elimination rounds, anyone (guest and hired judges included) who must leave early should notify the tournament director ASAP. 

We encourage you to provide your own quality judges. Please notify us as soon as possible of your judging needs.  Please ensure that any judges provided for the novice divisions are made aware of what can and cannot be run in the novice division. 


PLEASE NOTE: Gwinnett County Policy restricts the time in which payments can be received for participation in the tournament. Therefore please ensure that all fees are paid either in advance, or at registration check in.  If payment is not received by check in, tournament organizers reserve the right to prevent participation.