Penguin Classic



Greetings Coaches and Judges!

With only 1 day until the kickoff of the Penguin Classic, I just wanted to follow up with you all in regards to a few items and questions I have received! Please bare with us as we work out the final kinds and get this tournament running as quickly and smoothly as possible! We are excited to have you all and look forward to a great weekend of competition. 
Just a few things:
-While we should have enough judges at this point, to ensure we allow breaks, if you have anyone else that can judge,we would be very appreciative!
-I have attached a file for the tournament schedule.This is our planned itinerary and could be subject to change, so we will have updated copies for you on Friday if that's the case. 
-Keep in mind, Stevens High School gets out at 3:20 so the parking lot will be very busy with students leaving. We anticipate congestion so please plan accordingly. It is recommended that you arrive around/after 3:30 to allow the after school rush to clear out. We also recommend that you drop students off at the front of the school,then circle around back and park in the Fine Arts parking lot. We realize with how quickly this will be, there may need to be time adjustments to the Friday schedule. 
-Judges, we have some amazing people who are offering you dinner Friday night, light breakfast options, and lunch for Saturday in our Judges Lounge!
-We won't have concessions available, however, for students Friday night and Saturday afternoon we will have pizza plates available for purchase at $5. We do still encourage your teams to bring snacks for themselves as well as money for food. 
-As another option, Food Dudes operates in Rapid City, and allows many eateries to deliver at your convenience.
-All Congress Legislation is now up on Tabroom. Please encourage your students to bring their own copies of the bills as Stevens will not be providing them.
-We will be collapsing LD and Novice LD into just LD, as we only had 2 novices signed up. 
-Judges, we will provide a small packet for you that contains judging criteria and concepts of events so you know what to look for. 
-Coaches, if you are bringing a few judges, please forward this information to them so they have it as well!
I believe that's it! I apologize again that this email is getting to you so late, but greatly appreciate all of your understanding and patience! Please let me know if you have any specific comments or concerns! 
See you all this weekend!