East Iowa District Tournament

2019 — IA/US

East Iowa District Qualifier

for the 2019 National Tournament
East Iowa IE/Debate
Clear Creek Amana HS
East Iowa Congress
Bettendorf HS
Mon 2/18 Mon 2/18 HOU SEN
Big Questions
Kennedy High School
Kennedy HS,
Sat 3/2 Sat 3/2 BQ

Senior of the Year Award

All coaches are encouraged to submit an application for "District Graduating Senior of the Year."  Please fill out the following form to nominate your students.  After all nominations are submitted, an e-mail will be sent out to all coaches to vote.  Here's the form: 



Thanks for your nominations.  Please submit all applications by Friday, January 25th, 2019


The East Iowa District, as part of the National Speech and Debate Association, will be presenting a Student of the Year award at our District IE/Debate event on February 8th – 9th at Clear Creek Amana HS.  This award (as detailed on page 16 of the High School Unified Manual) is described as follows:


Each Chapter may nominate one graduating senior as District Student of the Year, using the concise, two-page application. The nominee must: be an Association member in their senior year of high school; demonstrate strong academic standards; actively engage their community through service and action; exhibit dedication to forensics and commitment to values of the Association. Each individual district determines the manner in which nominees are reviewed and selected. Each District Student of the Year is eligible for consideration as National Student of the Year, determined through a review process coordinated by the national office.


So, the District Committee asked for nominations to be received by Friday, January 25th, 2019 and we received the attached completed applications (these were sent out via e-mail to all coaches, if you need a copy - just let me know).  I would ask that you read through the applications and then cast your vote for who you would like to represent East Iowa as our Student of the Year and candidate for National Student of the Year. 


Candidate names are presented in alphabetical order by last name without school affiliation.  Please rank each student 1st – 3rd, with each rank only being used once. Then you just need to e-mail your rankings to Impulse411@hotmail.com by Friday, February 1st. Each active NSDA chapter school in East Iowa (18 total at the moment) gets a vote.  If you are affiliated with more than one school (which does happen from time to time), please indicate which school you are voting for in your e-mail.  Thanks!


_____   Jeremiah Daniels


_____   Logan Quick


_____   Emily Robinson