Lions Classic Invitational

2018 — Moore, OK/US

Extemp Topic Areas


Rd. 1  European Economics

  Individual Countries as well as Regional Economics

Rd. 2  Asia, Excluding China

  Questions Centered Around Asia, but there will be no Questions on China.

Rd. 3  Developing Democracies

  Countries that are struggling with Democracy.

Finals  Confronting the International System

  Questions about Countries that are challenging International Values/Norms or the established order.


Domestic/United States

Rd. 1 Washington DC: Democracy in Crisis

  Trump, Congress, and the Investigation

Rd. 2 The Future of the US Economy

  Applying Future trends in Economics

Rd. 3 US State Department

  The Agency in charge of Foreign Affairs

Finals Jurisprudence

  SCOTUS, the Rule of Law, and Circuit Decisions