Fargo South

2017 — Fargo South, ND/US

You are cordially invited to the Fargo South Debate Tournament on Dec. 8-9. Elimination rounds will be employed.  Registration will be Friday, Dec. 8 beginning at 2:30. Rounds will begin at 3:45. Schools will need to remain in the commons until 3:30 as school is in session until then. Registration will occur in the library.  

We will be offering Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and World Schools debate and will have all divisions that numbers allow.  The topics will be as follows


World Schools Will do all IMPROMPTU resoltuions.

PF - Resolved: NCAA student athletes ought to be recognized as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


LD - Resolved: Wealthy nations have an obligation to provide development assistance to other nations. 


Dear Debate Coach:

You are invited to a debate tournament to be held at Fargo South High School on Friday, Dec 8 and Saturday, Dec 9.  Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum divisions will be offered.   In addition, we will also offer WORLD SCHOOLS DEBATE (See the following page for details). LD and PF will offer Division I, II and III if numbers allow.  Standard time limits will be followed. World Schools will be a single division.

Judging Requirements

Teams will need to provide judges to cover their debate entries.  One judge will be able to cover 1- 3 debaters in Lincoln-Douglas and Public Forum. Judges should expect to judge all or most rounds. Elimination rounds are included in the total numbers of rounds in the tournament even if your teams have been eliminated you are expected to be available.

Judges will be scheduled to judge a variety of levels of debate (Division I, II and III). Please indicate if judges should be assigned to ONLY PF or ONLY LD. If the judges you list are only able to judge novice (perhaps they are only one year out of school), please indicate this on the registration form. PLEASE ALSO NOTE ANY SCHOOL CONFLICTS OR INDIVIDUAL DEBATER CONFLICTS FOR JUDGES.

            A limited number of judges will also be available for hire from the tournament.  The rate for hired judges is $150.00. I will need this information no later than December 2nd.


            LD entries are 10.00 each and PF entries are 15.00 each.

Powering of Rounds

            Rounds will be powered and elimination rounds scheduled as the registration warrants. This information will be available on the day of the tournament. A schedule including the powering and elimination schedule will be available at registration.


            The typical concession stand will be available for food purchases both Friday evening and Saturday until early afternoon. 


Registration is due by Sunday, December 3rd.  Please EMAIL the registrations to Gayle Hyde, tournament manager, or hand it to her at GF Central.  Changes will be accepted without penalty until 5:00 PM on Monday, Dec 5th. After that time, teams are expected to pay for all registered students and judges requested. Of course we will take adds provided we have space in the event after the deadline.




December World Schools will only use Impromptu resolutions. The Impromptu resolutions will be announced during the tournament.



Saturday ONLY

World Schools Debate Overview

1.      Each team consists of 3-5 students. Only 3 students debate at a time.

2.      Teams will be given an equal number of Affirmative and Negative rounds as much as possible.

3.      Each team will participate in 3 Impromptu Rounds.

4.      Judges will be drawn from the pool of judges. Some may be lay judges. We would prefer lay judges submitted as school judges.

5.      Each school must provide at least 1 judge for every two teams entered in the tournament.

6.      THERE IS NO FEE TO ENTER WORLD SCHOOLS DEBATE unless a team cannot provide a judge. Then the fee is 70.00 to hire the judge.


Christian Novak, North, will serve as  Chair of the World Schools debate event at South and who will announce all impromptu rounds and pairings in the tournament. 

Leah Juelke and Gayle Hyde

Contact Information

GAYLE HYDE  CELL PHONE: 701-866-0148 hydeg@fargo.k12.nd.us