T Bird Tempest

2018 — Provo, UT/US

T-Bird Tempest 2018 Invitation


You are cordially invited to the 4th annual T-Bird Tempest Debate Tournament being held at Timpview High School.  The T-Bird Tempest this year will be a ONE DAY Tournament.  The Tournament is Saturday, January 20th.  The tournament will begin promptly at 8:00 AM and will end no later than 7 PM that evening.  This is a great tournament for students to amass a lot of NSDA points in a single day.  It will also be easier to get judges as you will only need judges for one day, rather than two.  

Debate Events: Public Forum, Lincoln Douglas, Congress and Policy Debate

Speech Events: Original Oratory, Impromptu, Foreign and National Extemp, Spontaneous Argument, Character Impromptu Humorous Interp, Dramatic Interp, Duo Interp, Storytelling


Tournament Structure:We will be single flighting debate events and we will having 5 rounds of debate, followed by 3 rounds of speech events.  There will neither be double flights in debates and double patterns in speech.  Students can not only enter in both debate events and speech events, but students can also, at their own risk, enter in two speech events. The only competitors who may not double enter are Policy and Extemp.


Topics: The T-Bird Tempest will be following the NSDA topics for January for LD and PF.  A congress docket will be released soon that will include both UDCA and NSDA bills. The Policy topic will be 2017-18 NSDA Policy Topic.  Extemp topics will be chosen from NFHS topics.

Judge Requirement: Teams will be required to bring 1 judge for every 2 debate entries, 1 judge for every 4 Congress entries, and 1 judge or every 5 IE Entries.  Note to policy debaters. This means that the judge pressure will be much higher in the morning than the afternoon. We will have a limited number of judges (15 in total) that you can hire for $30.00 for the day. Please contact me if you want to buy a judge for the day.


Fees: $15 per team entry, $4.00 for each individual entry and $8.00 for each team entry.  A limited number of judges can be hired for $30.00 for the entire day (what a bargain).


Concessions:  Unfortunately there really is nothing close to TImpview in the way of fast food or restaurant options. We will have a plethora of both healthy and junk food snacks for sale at our concession stand.  We will also some good food for sale to feed your hungry debaters.  Please encourage your kids to support the Timpview Debate program by buying from our concession stand.


Awards:  Top 3 places in each event. Top 3 places in each house of congress and top overall places in Congress.  Sweepstakes runner-up and champion will also be given.  If we get to more than 20 schools, we will increase awards to top 5 and have a small and large school awards.  








8:00-9:00 R1

8:15-10:15 R1

8:15-10:15 S1


1:30-3:00 R1

9:00-10:00 R2

10:15-12:15 R2

10:45-12:45 S2


3:00-4:30 R2

10:00-11:00 R3

12:45-2:45 R3



4:30-6:00 R3

11:00-12:00 R4

2:45-4:45 R4


12:00-1:00 R5



6:30 PM


Speech Event Descriptions


  1. DI: Up to 10 minute memorized dramatic interpretation of a published work.

  2. HI: Up to 10 minute memorized humorous interpretation of a published work.

  3. Extemp: Students will be given three topics per round from which to choose one topic.  30 minutes preparation time to give an up to 7 minute speech.

  4. Duo: Up to 10 minute memorized dramatic or humorous interpretation of a published work for two people.

  5. Spar: 1 minute prep, 2 minute constructive, 3 minute clash, 1 minute rebuttal; topics will vary per round and will be light, heavy and ludicrous; flip for sides.

  6. Impromptu: 7 minutes to prepare and give an improvised speech; topics will vary per round and may be light or heavy.

  7. Character Impromptu: 7 minutes to prepare and give an impromptu speech from the point of view a given character.

  8. Storytelling:  Up to 6 minute retold (not read, not necessarily memorized) story with the theme ‘Fantasy and Fairytales’ with a PG rating.