Clarion University NFA LD IE

2017 — Clarion, PA/US

Update #1 (4:50PM 10/20)

A few notes of significance:
1. Registration will occur in Founders Hall. We aim to release the round 1 pairing at 8:30.  Given the small number of schools there probably isn't a real reason to be there to register at 7:30 (imagine 8:00 works).   Also, you can email me to confirm the entry and we can take care of the money later.  
2. We will be using Founders, Stevens, and Davis Halls for the weekend. 
3. As a reminder we are providing lunch on both Saturday and Sunday as well as maintaining a hospitality area for the duration of the tournament.  
4. Wifi - We have a guest network.  When you connect you will be granted a two-day password.  If you have issues, let me know.
Here is a link to a campus map:  Parking is available next to Hart Chapel and behind Eagle Commons (Founders is between those two).  If you are coming from the hotels follow Route 68 aka 5th Ave (from hotel, exit 62) or Route 66 into town and then turn right onto Wood Street.  Follow Wood to the light (Wendy's will be on your left).  The Hart lot is diagonal across the street on your left.  Founders is two buildings down on the left.   
We will have donuts and coffee in the AM. 
Food Commentary

Clarion River Brewing Company is a decent option as far as a local sit-down.  Cozumel is a local Mexican place that debate folk have enjoyed (honestly haven't been there in a while so not sure if it's still good).  Applebee's is probably the local sit-down chain I'd recommend (over Roadhouse, Perkins, Eat N Park).

Other good options:
Vinnie's Pizza and Pizza Pub - both local and both good, Vinnie's is NY style.  Pub is a pan-style but good.
Bob's Subs - very good local sub shop
Daddy's Hot Dog Shop - solid local hot dog, burger shop 
County Seat - diner food, good (love their breakfast)

Food In Clarion

Breakfast & Lunch

County Seat Restaurant, (814) 226-6332  ***Western Omelet *** no longer open on Sunday

Deb’s Diner, (814) 764-3001  ***PANCAKES***


Michelle’s Café, (814) 227-2688

Starbuck’s, On-campus across from Still


Chain Sit-down Restaurants***It’s a chain, no comment***

Applebee’s, (814) 226-7590

Eat N’ Park, (814) 227-2188

Perkins, (814) 226-4410

RRR Roadhouse, (814) 227-2000


Subs & Sandwiches

Bob’s Sub and Sandwich Shop, (814) 226-7951  ***Spicy Italian Sub**

Daddy’s Main Street Hot Dog, (814) 223-4687 ***Hot dogs***


Local Traditional

The Captain Loomis, (814) 226-8400



Cozumel Mexican Restaurant, (814) 226-8575 ***Surprisingly good for Clarion PA***


Pizza and Italian

The Pizza Pub, (814) 226-8721 ***Very good pizza***

Sweet Basil, (814) 226-7013 ***Decent Italian, not crazy about their pizza, good stuffed banana peppers***

Vinny’s Pizza, (814) 226-5421 ***Very good pizza***


All establishments are located either on Main Street or in the vicinity of the hotel – except Sweet Basil which is about 5 minutes from town. For recommendations/directions ask Jim.   (***Jim Comments***)