ADA Fall Championship

2017 — Winston Salem, NC/US

Dear Debate Community,


You are invited to participate in the inaugural ADA Fall Championship, November 11-13 in Winston-Salem, NC.


A few quick notes:

-The tournament director is Danielle O’Gorman. The tabroom director will be Logan Gramzinski. Please direct all questions regarding the tournament to Danielle at


-Entries will be open to teams in JV and Novice


-Rounds will be held on campus at Wake Forest this year!  Buildings TBA—we are so grateful to Wake for providing this opportunity for all of our students to debate on the same campus



Enter at and finalize teams by 5pm ET on November 6. Any drops after November 6 will incur a $50 fee for catering.



Tournament fees are $75.00 per person (debaters, coaches, judges, scouts, etc…). Wake Debate will be handling all of the invoices so please make checks to “Wake Debate” and not the ADA.   Wake Debate will also accept credit cards at registration.



Each school must provide 3 rounds of prelim judging. Judges must vote for one and only one team in each debate and must assign speaker points and ranks in prelim rounds. Again, decision times will be 2 hours & 30 minutes and 2 hours & 45 minutes during elims. Judges should post their judge philosophy at, and address any conflicts prior to the tournament. Judges are also obligated through the first elimination round or one round beyond the elimination of their school, whichever is later.


Speaker Points:

A 30 point scale with tenths, no ties will be used.   Judges giving below a 26 will be asked to provide justifications.


Tournament Procedures:

The tournament will be sanctioned by the ADA and CEDA.  The tabroom will abide by all ADA operational rules. 


A copy of the ADA Constitution and Standing Rules can be found at:


The size of elimination rounds will depend on the participant pool. Per ADA rules, the tournament will clear half of the field in any division.



Hybrid teams may be entered, and may advance to elimination rounds. 


Tournament Hotel:

Hawthorne Inn & Conference Center

420 High St SW, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 (336) 777-3000

Doubles available at the Hawthorne for the group rate of 109.00/night plus taxes.  Group code: 26R6AH

Overflow Hotel:
Brookstown Inn 

Rate is also 109.00 plus taxes. Group code is WFSR17



Wake will be providing all meals at the tournament. 



2017 ADA Fall Championships Tentative Schedule


Friday, November 10:

6-9 PM Registration at the Hawthorne Inn

8:30-10 PM Opening Reception, Desserts, Coffee, and Coach of the Year presentation at Hawthorne Inn


Saturday, November 11:

7:15 AM Pairings for Round 1 and 2

8 AM Round 1 (Decision Deadline 10:30)

1030 AM Lunch

11:15 AM Round 2 (Decision Deadline 1:45)

2:15 PM Round 3 Pairings

3:00 PM Round 3 (5:30 Decision Deadline)

5:30 PM Dinner

6:15 PM Round 4 Pairings

7:00 PM Round 4 (9:30 Decision Deadline)



7:00 AM Round 5 Pairings

7:45 AM Round 5 Start (10:15 Decision Deadline)

10:30 AM Lunch

10:45 AM Round 6 Pairings

11:30 AM Round 6 (2:00 Decision Deadline)

3:00 PM Elim Pairings Announced

3:30 PM First Elimination Debate

6:00 PM Dinner

6:30 PM Pairings for Second Elimination Debate

7:00 PM Second Elimination Debate



Elim rounds will continue beginning with the Shirley octofinals at the tournament hotel due to space constraints