Logan Will Ultimate Challenge

2018 — Grants Pass, OR/US

Welcome to the 2018 Logan Will Ultimate Challenge! We anticipate this to be our largest ever, and hope you will join us in making this event as awesome as possible. A few changes this year are outlined here, with the reset of the standard Logan Will information below.

New for 2018:

1: Online Registration of Code Names

You will be asked to create code names for students as you register them. Your Ultimate Challenger codes should begin with a U (for instance Ungulate or Unicorn). The codes for non-UC's may be anything appropriate, no school/alphabet restrictions this year, but be aware that we reserve the right to change codes. If Tabroom will not allow you to submit codenames, try going in through the Event Entry tab instead of the Competitor Entry screen. If they have multiple events, you can add a 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. to the end of the code name name.

2: Online Balloting

We are going to use online ballots for both speech and debate. Helping your judges create accounts before they come to the tournament will make the first rounds go smoothly. Bring a mobile device (phone, tablet, or laptop). Wi-fi access is available throughout the buildings.


In order to prepare students for Nat Quals, all debate events will use the March topics. We will post those here as they become available.


Debate: LD, PF, Parli

IE A: Big Question, Duo, Extemp, Impromptu, Oratory, Prose 

IE B: ADS, Dramatic, Expos/Inform, Humorous, Poetry, POI, Radio

Ultimate Challenge and Entry Rules:

No one may double enter in the same pattern except for Ultimate Challengers.

Ultimate Challengers may enter up to 7 events, with no more than 3 to a pattern. Those events must include:

1. A Memorized Original Speech (Expos or Oratory)

2. A Memorized Interpretation (HI, DI, or Duo)

3. A Debate (PF, LD or Parli)

4. Impromptu

For the purpose of this tournament, Expos (OSAA) and Inform (NSDA) are interchangeable.

Extemp Prep will start on Friday after round 2 of debate. On Saturday, prep will start 15 minutes before the end of Pattern B. Extempers will need to be aware of this and leave slightly early.