Stars Stripes Spectacular

2017 — SD/US

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& Stripes

On behalf of the staff at Lincoln High, I would like to cordially invite you to the 25th Annual Stars & Stripes Spectacular, October 14, 2016. We feature semi-finals and finals for Varsity, and once again we will offer Novice prelims and finals.  


We will run 3 preliminary rounds followed by Varsity Semifinals and Novice finals, ending with Varsity finals for the top 6.  Please be sure to check out the events page for specific guidelines when entering students in events. If numbers do not warrant a Novice category in an event, the levels will be collapsed.


All events will be at Lincoln High School, which is located on the southeast side of Sioux Falls at the intersection of Cliff Avenue and 41st Street.  Upon arrival, please go directly to the auditorium.  Note the schedule.  Three preliminary rounds of individual events, semifinals, Novice finals, and finals require you to be on time and keep everyone else on time.


A school’s judging obligation is one for every 5 entries in individual events or fraction thereof.  A limited number of individual event judges are available for hire.  


All Fees will be final as of Thursday, October 12 at 5:00 pm. NO EXCEPTIONS

Registration can be found here:


We look forward to seeing you and your team at the 26th Stars & Stripes Spectacular!




Kit Rodgers

Head Interp Coach


Tony Martinet

Head Debate Coach

Individual Events/General Information


  • Double entries are allowed. Triple entries are allowed only if one of the events is Readers Theatre

  • One judge must be provided for every 5 entries or fraction thereof.

  • A semifinal round will be held for the top 12 in each varsity category with at least 30 entries, followed by a final round for the top 6 contestants in each category.

  • There will be separate Novice finals.

  • Awards will be given to all finalists.

  • SDHSAA  rules in regard to cutting, selection, and performance will be followed.

  • Speech time is 10 minutes maximum, with the exception of Storytelling, which is 5 minute max.


Stars & Stripes Entry Fees

Individual Events $6.00
Duo $12.00 
Readers Theatre $12.00 

Individual Events Judge (limited number available) - $60


Please Note!

All Judges and Coaches are expected to remain available through the final round. This is both courteous and necessary for the tournament to run fairly and on schedule.


We recognize that some have a long drive home and the schedule has been condensed in an attempt to accommodate those teams that need to leave earlier.

Sweepstakes and Awards


Sweepstakes will be presented to the top 2 AA schools, the top 2 A schools, and for the first time, the top B School.


One individual will also be awarded the Rosella Blunk “Star of the Spectacular” Award. This award is intended to highlight the student that best exemplified excellence by having the best all-around tournament. The recipient must have made finals in both of his/her events. The award is named in honor of Ms. Rosella Blunk, former LHS interp coach, and one of the finest coaches to have graced this activity in South Dakota.