Georgia B Bowman Invitational

2017 — Liberty, MO/US

Online Ballot Information:


Tournament Schedule: 

Friday, September 15

2:00-3:00 PM Registration (Upper Level of Yates-Gill Student Union)

3:00 PM Pairings Released, Round 1-2

3:15 PM Opening Assembly and Announcements (Everyone Attend, Please) Tournament Topic Announce, Gano Chapel Preparation Rooms available at conclusion of our F Block Classes (1:45-2:50)

3:30 PM Topic Announcement Round 1 and 2 (Preset, 45 minutes of prep)

4:30-5:30 PM Round 1

5:30-6:30 PM Round 2

Chili/Taco Dinner (Gano Assembly) immediately following the conclusion of your Round 2 debates.

7:30 PM Topic Announce Round 3

We invite coaches to join us for time to decompress and gather on Friday evening (Rock & Rub Brewery/Pub, 110 E. Kansas Street, Liberty, Missouri 64068).

Saturday, September 16

Breakfast available in Gano Assembly beginning at 8:00 AM.

9:00 AM Topic Announce Round 4

11:00 AM Topic Announce Round 5

Brunch (Yates-Gill Dining Hall) immediately following the conclusion of Round 5 debates (Meal Ticket Required)

1:30 PM Topic Announce Round 6

3:30 PM Topic Announce Round 7

We invite you to join us for a BBQ dinner and community gathering/activity time/Foursquare on the quad and in Yates College Union immediately following the conclusion of Round 7 debates. We will provide the list of judges/teams needed for the doubles (or partial doubles) debate ASAP

7:00 PM Topic Announce Doubles 

Sunday, September 17

9:00 AM Breakfast (Gano Assembly)

9:30 AM Pairings for Octos

10:00 AM Topic Announce, Octofinals

Community Ice Cream Social immediately following conclusion of Octofinals in Yates Union (Upstairs)

12:30 PM Awards

Lunch provided to all quarterfinal round participants at the conclusion of awards—you will be given ample time to eat and review quarterfinal pairings before topic announce for quarters.

2:00 PM Quarters, Semis and Finals to follow ASAP.