OCDL May Championship

2017 — CA/US

With the May Championship Tournament quickly approaching, registration is now open. This will allow for ample time to make sure everything is correct and ready to go for the tournament. For this tournament, all registration will be done on Tabroom. Registration is due on Friday, April 28, 2017 at 5PM, the Friday a week before the tournament. For your registration to be complete, students must be entered properly and you must also meet your judge requirement of one judge per two teams.


A few important reminders: 

1. For registration to be complete, the grade numbers for the students must be entered. These grade numbers will be used to give grade level awards. Failure to enter in grade numbers or incompletely formatted grade levels will result in registration being seen as incomplete and thus not being accepted. 

Please enter them in this exact format:

First Name: Halah8

Last Name: Biviji

(grade after the first name with no spaces in between)


2. The OCDL league is instituting a new fine in which late registration will result in a $50 fee per squad. Name changes and drops may be made until May 3. After that date, only judges may be added. If a drop or name change must be made after May 3, the squad will incur a $10 fee per drop or name change.


3. Meet judges requirement (one per two teams) for all debate rounds. 

Uncertified judges must not be entered in Tabroom. Judges must be able to judge for all four rounds. Judges are not allowed to leave the main hall until all ballots have been collected. If no judges from your school are present to cover for a missing judge, your school will incur a $25 fine per missing judge, per round. Swapping judges is allowed as long as the required number of judges is met. Failure to provide enough judges will result in a $100 fine per judge owed. If you do not know who your certified judges, I can provide a list.


4. Schools are limited to 6 teams per squad for every event this year.

If your school has more than 6 teams, you will need to make two squads and pay two separate entry fees. A school cannot have more than two squads.


5. Please stress to your students that registration at the tournament closes at 8:00 AM. 

If the student is not at the school by 8:00 AM at the very latest, they will not be able to participate the entire day. Please inform your students to come at 7:45 AM sharp.


6. If possible, please provide the phone numbers of the judges on Tabroom. 

This is not required, but it will eliminate delays because the tabulations staff will be able to contact them faster during the tournament. Judges will be texted if their ballot is one of the last to be turned in. They will also be contacted if they have not picked up their ballots and we cannot find them.  


7. Because this is the final tournament of the OCDL season, the top debater of the year will be recognized at the tournament. This award is determined both by speaker points and win/loss record throughout the regular season.